Machete Season Chapter Summary

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Machete Season Chapter Summary

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Machete Season pg. 28-59 part 3

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The main characters partner and son are able to escape but fall down a hole and are trapped down there for the duration of the movie. Despite Damon's protests, the manhandled version of the film received terrible reviews and flopped at the box office. This is the official website for the City of Tempe, Arizona. Jones served in the British army during the Somme offensive, the single greatest loss of British life in the history of the Empire. Or when the Ice Man , who wore a big leather apron and a leather cover on this shoulder, delivered big blocks of ice using a huge pair of tongs from a straw-filled wooden wagon. The National Guard was sent to disperse a crowd and said they were shot at, which prompted them to return fire.

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Harry smirked to himself. Find newspaper articles and clippings for help with genealogy, history and other research. Protesters, law enforcement clash in downtown L. Grant was known to speed in his horse and buggy on Washington's streets. The camera then shows a close up of him and he is holding the gun in his left hand, and he fires it again. Snake River dams. Cleveland police say two officers suffered minor injuries when they were assaulted during a chaotic protest centered on a flag burning near the arena housing the Republican National Convention. A survivor walks up and offers her his hand, as Michonne looks on in surprise.

Three weeks after her suicide attempt, Michonne is traveling with the survivor, Pete , and his small group of survivors aboard his ship, The Companion. Awoken by a nightmare, Michonne walks over to Pete, who is attempting to contact fellow survivors Rashid and Vanessa , whom he trades with, via a shortwave radio. Pete is surprised to find Michonne awake, mentioning that her shift isn't for another hour.

Pete attempts to talk to Michonne about her nightmares, and shows concern for her mental state, referencing her previous suicide attempt, urging her to tell him if it gets to that point again. Michonne mentions that she needs to keep busy, prompting Pete to call down Oak , a fellow crew-member, telling him that Michonne is taking over his shift. Pete continues trying to contact Rashid, but is caught off guard upon hearing the voice of a woman. The signal is lost, and Pete tries to tune the frequency. As Oak enters the cabin, Pete is able to pick up the signal once more, with the voice over the radio asking for help.

Pete wants to attempt to find and help the survivor, but Oak objects, admitting he has little faith in the trustworthiness of other survivors. He states that this is too much of a risk. Pete asks Michonne to take over with the radio while he turns the boat back around. After tuning the radio, she is able to pick up the signal once more, and is able to contact the survivor, but the signal is cut off as the survivor attempts to explain the situation.

Pete comes down, asking if she was able to pick up anything. Michonne mentions the previous exchange, but Oak interjects yet again, saying that attempting a rescue is far too dangerous. As they talk, the boat suddenly jerks, having been caught and snagged on something in the water. The three return to the deck, finding Berto and Siddiq , the other two crew members, scrambling to figure out what happened and what they hit. A heavy gust of wind sets in, prompting Pete and the others to take in the sails and to keep control of the wheel.

After getting things back under control, Oak blames the situation on Pete's insistence to help the survivor on the radio, claiming that whatever scared his friends away is coming for them next, and proposes that the girl over the radio could have led them into a trap. The crew begins to check for damage, with Pete handing Michonne a flashlight and binoculars, asking her to attempt to find what they got stuck on. Searching the dark waters, Michonne finds the culprit; a capsized boat.

Michonne continues to search the horizon, spotting a marooned ferry along the shoreline. Pete explains that the boat they hit has caused extensive damage to their boat, and that they need to repair it before they can sail home. Pete, despite his reluctance, mentions that the ferry might have what they need to repair the ship. Michonne and Pete take a dinghy to scout out the ferry, while the rest of the crew stays behind to anchor the boat near the shore. Pete and Michonne slowly make their way to the ferry, as Pete attempts once more to talk to Michonne.

He attempts to humor her, making note of her serious, stern personality. He attempts to get her to talk about the suicide attempt, but doesn't want to push her to talk if she isn't ready. Michonne either obliges or attempts to dodge the conversation. Pete begins to explain that he used to be alone like Michonne was, and that he convinced himself that he liked it. He is suddenly interrupted as a walker bursts out of the water, grabbing onto the boat. Michonne kills it, only for more to emerge. Pete and Michonne look on as a small group of walkers begin to walk along the floor of the shoreline.

Pete and Michonne attempt to fight them off, but Pete realizes that they're going to capsize the dinghy. Pete and Michonne tumble into the water as the walkers grab at the boat, leading to a small underwater scuffle before managing to swim to the shore. Finding a moment of reprieve, Michonne and Pete inspect the deserted ferry, The Mobjack. They manage to find signs that point to recent inhabitance. Michonne notes two entrances to the ferry; a worn ladder, or a broken window. The player is then given the choice of which way to enter the ferry. Take the ladder: Michonne begins to climb the ladder, only for the nearby walkers to begin to crawl up to the shore. Michonne and Pete scramble to get to the top, narrowly avoiding the walkers once more. Upon reaching the top, they find further signs of recent inhabitance.

Looking at a map, they decide to check the lower decks of the ferry. The door leading into the main deck is locked, leaving Pete or Michonne to unlock the door. Upon entering the ferry, they come across two corpses, executed, with their hands tied. Pete spots a photograph on the ground of two kids; Rashid and Vanessa's. Pete is relieved to have found a sign of them, but is apprehensive as well, noting that they wouldn't have left the photo on purpose. As Pete continues to look around, Michonne's hallucinations are triggered once more by the photo, reminding her of her daughters.

Pete notices Michonne's reaction, and attempts to talk to her. Michonne is able to recompose herself, and the two of them continue to look around, noticing even more bodies strewn about the ferry. They are alerted to the presence of a walker downstairs, and proceed to the cafe and try to find it. Take the window: Michonne and Pete enter through the window, and drop into the interior of the ferry. They use their flashlights to survey the dark interior. The flashlight attracts the attention of dormant walkers, which Michonne and Pete dispatch with little issue. Michonne and Pete then come across a gruesome sight; dozens of dead survivors line the seats and walls of the ferry, all of them executed, with their hands tied behind their backs. Michonne and Pete find the body of a young girl among the dead, which triggers Michonne's hallucinations once more.

Pete expresses disbelief at the sight, asking how someone could do this to a child. Michonne is able to recompose herself, and they try to find signs of what happened to the ferry's residents. Continuing through the interior of the ship, Michonne and Pete reach the cafe. Coming across the cafe entrance, they find the ravaged, reanimated body of a survivor, strung up to the door and left to be devoured by walkers. Michonne kills the walker and opens the door, the place is clean and there is a bag full of supplies, they put some things inside, all is calm and the two prepare to take the case until a boy ambushes them from one of the lockers. The girl also appears armed and asks that they do not steal their supplies, whilst Michonne tries to calm them down and says they can stay with the suitcase.

Several zombies invade the room and the group begin to kill them, leading to Michonne saving Greg. Despite this, the girl picks up the duffel bag and runs towards the door. An armed group of survivors appears and holds the group at gunpoint. Their leader, Randall , instantly recognizes Samantha as the thief that has been stealing supplies from his community. He takes the two, as well as Michonne and Pete, back to the community. On the way to the community, Randall talks to Michonne. He begins to provoke Michonne, who not like his attitude. Randall reveals himself to be the brother of the woman who runs the community, Norma. The group imprison Sam and Michonne in an isolated room, while Greg and Pete are taken elsewhere. Sam says that Randall was responsible for the massacre on the ferry.

The two then begin to look for a way to untie their hands in an attempt to escape, but Michonne gets distracted by a hallucination of her two daughters. Despite this, Sam successfully release her bindings but Michonne is unable to free hers as Randall enters the room. Michonne Does Not Ambush Randall: Randall enters the room, joking he expected a fight but is happy that Michonne kept a cool head. He frees Michonne of her bindings and takes her to Norma. Sam asks where Greg is but he returns a snide remark as he leaves the room. Michonne Ambush Randall: Randall enters the room, joking he expected fight.

Seizing a chance, Michonne headbutts him, but he recovers before Sam can capitalise, striking her unconscious with the butt of his rifle. He goes to counter against Michonne; she dodges his first blow but still restrained is unable to dodge his second strike, being stunned by a blow to the stomach. Angered, Randall takes Michonne to Norma, leaving Sam behind.

Norma tries to be friendly with Michonne and she asks questions about her group. Greg is brought out and is asked the same questions, but ends up responding differently to Michonne. Randall gets angry, accusing one of the two of lying. He points the gun at the head of Greg, but is ordered to calm down by Norma. Randall explains that he did it to ensure the kid learns a lesson. He leaves to fetch the other prisoners.

Greg tells Michonne he's never been so scared. Randall arrives back with Pete, only to take Michonne and Greg away. Randall begins to berate Zachary in front of everyone, provoking him into taking action. Zachary reluctantly interrogates the prisoners on one of the missing bags. Michonne and Sam try to calm Zachary, however Sam gets angry and tells Zachary to let her brother go. Startled, Zachary points the gun at Sam. Randall orders him to take action, so Zachary shoots Greg in the chest, killing him, as Randall scolds Zachary whilst taking him out of the room.

Not long later, Greg reanimates and Michonne is tasked with killing him whilst Samantha pins him to the floor. Zachary walks in the room, worried. Michonne knocks his gun to the ground or Sam forces it from him. Now with the gun, Sam points it at Zachary, who is now frantically pleading his innocence. She threatens to shoot him as revenge for killing her brother, but Zachary exclaims it was an accident and had no intention of killing Greg. Let Sam kill him: Sam shoots Zachary in the head, and continues to pull the trigger as he falls to the floor. Michonne tells Sam they need to escape the community before anyone finds out. Stop her: Michonne prevents Sam from executing Zachary, wrestling the gun from her once she tackles her to the floor.

Zachary picks it up, looking at the gun as the episode ends. Sam could see the bruise on her side from the ribs and put it all together. Word count: 2, Archive; RSS; notes. Warnings: angst Triple Homicide Dean x Reader After an old lady witnesses you and Dean finishing off a couple of vampires and calls the police, you take a little trip downtown. The angel inside: a angel! Dean X, Reader imagine. Your POV You sauntered down the street, earbuds playing your favorite song and a happy smile on your face. Supernatural Imagines. Reviews will be loved! Now there is a new twist to the tale, you get to decide her fate! Dean: You are turning into a vampire. Square Filled: Voyeurism. Hold On Princess Daughter! Reader Imagine Dean admitting he has feelings for you to Sam.

Worry engulfed his face. Warnings: Language, anger, possessive behavior "So your best friend is a vampire? You watched as Dean eyed Calum up and down protectively. Status: Complete Chapters: 3. I don't know if this is considered super awesome to y'all but it is to me…Anyways, enjoy!! Reader Gender: Female. Gabriel comes up with the perfect solution: Dean and Cas bond. Pairing: Dean x Reader. When he came back she wanted him to leave. Walking to the main room, you saw Dean and Cas were already there, helping Sam put out plates heaping with pasta. Summary: The reader tries to help out on a hunt, but gets hurt. Grabbing onto it with your dominant hand, you swung yourself up and around it so your feet landed back on the branch.

You had just been turned into a vampire. Dean Ambrose x Omega! AU] Rated M, trigger warnings listed inside. Then the vampire tightens his hold on Sam's neck, cutting off his air supply completely. Gabriel informs him, much to his delight, that he is now Angel Married to Cas with no way of reversal. Klaus x Reader: Part 2. This is the story of their last road trip together.

Also, my first bit of writing in a very long time. Notes: This is based off an imagine that I found online. Continuously updated, feel free to message me for new shows, I'm always open ears. Naturally being a newborn you had an uncontrollable thirst. Dean x Reader Fics. Summary: The reader gets her period while in Asgard. All credit goes to their respective owners. Warnings: Angst.

First, the smaller reasons. Summary: The reader is having trouble sleeping at night. She almost dies at the beginning and tells Dean she loves him. Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, language, angst, blood, you know the usual. Song: Cannonball by ZZ Ward. You walked into the bunker with your arms laden with bags. Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader Summary: Reader has known the Winchester brothers all their life, but she had always had a thing for Dean. Word Count: Words. Pairings: Thor Odinson x Reader. Warnings: Verbal fight, minor gore from injury. As you walked down the road, Dean could tell there was something wrong with you. Fear lit up Dean's face. Klaus Imagine: You get hurt and Klaus takes care of you.

Fallen — Dean x Angel! You can also find other Supernatural-related stuff I might like here. Word Count: 1, Happy endings - Sam x Male! See more Featured Posts. Part 1 - Ephemeral Part 2 - Eternal dean x reader deanxreader readerxdean dean winchester x reader dean series atwistoffatewrites Dean Winchester x Reader. Sam called, his voice traveling through the halls of the bunker. Girlfriend of Dean Winchester. Dean x Reader. Reader You stepped into the blaring music and chaotic atmosphere of the bar, Dean guiding you to a booth at the back, his hand on the small of your back, sending off both a Summary: Dean and the Reader have been neighbours for a few months.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x F! Dean x Reader With the bunker full to the brim with the apocalypse world hunters, you need to get out to spend some quality time alone, so you decide to ask Sam for a solo hunt.

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