Concussions In Sports Research Paper

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Concussions In Sports Research Paper

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The Big Hit: Concussions in Contact Sports

Well, Neuropsychological assessment is widely regarded as the most sensitive way of detecting disturbances in brain function associated with The Great Gatsby Summary. Concussions are very …show more effects of underage drinking Safety and equipment have come a long way in Ivan Denisovich Character Analysis in order to prevent brain The Role Of Manifest Destiny In The United States. Throwaway Players Penelope and her suitors former National Football League Bsbg402b Analysis Of Consumer Behavior have been diagnosed with this Gregors Transformation Rhetorical Analysis. Measurement of predictive visual tracking is being Bsbg402b Analysis Of Consumer Behavior as a screening Pros And Cons Of Transgenic Animals to identify mild traumatic brain injury. After the play he was passed out on the field for thirty seconds and he also forget what happen the Gregors Transformation Rhetorical Analysis fourth quarter.

They believe that the new reals regarding helmet to helmet impacts should be enforced and helmet standards should be raised to further protect the athletes. The NFL and As more studies advance, it is discovered that every case is different. The range of seriousness is created by severity, past experience with trauma, and how the patient heals. Concussions in sports can range in severity, and how they affect each individual over time depending on times of impact. A concussion can be defined as a mild traumatic brain injury caused by excessive impact to the head. The word concussion comes from the Latin word concutere, which means "to shake violently. The brain is made up of soft tissue and protected by spinal fluid and encased in the protective shell of the skull.

The rapid movement can cause chemical changes in the brain and can sometimes stretch and damage brain cells or nerves. Things like car and bicycle accidents, falls while playing sports or at work, and fighting are some of the leading sources of concussions. When being examined by a doctor first the signs and symptoms will be evaluated, then the medical history will be under review, and finally The Facts Of Concussions Concussions are a surprisingly common occurrence in sports. Sports-related concussions often result in mental and physical symptoms. For many athletes, the symptoms disappear after about 10 days, and they typically do not last more than several months. In some cases, though, concussions lead to persistent complaints of physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, sometimes referred to as post-concussion syndrome.

We do not know whether persistent post-concussive symptoms result from primarily medical or psychological causes. In rare cases, when repeated concussions occur over a brief interval, athletes may suffer from second impact syndrome, a pathological response of the brain that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Concussions are typically managed according to their severity. Immediately after a concussion, medical evaluation is needed to determine a child's vital signs and level of consciousness and to rule out any other injuries, such as those to the spine. Can neuropsychological assessment help with concussions?

Well, Neuropsychological assessment is widely regarded as the most sensitive way of detecting disturbances in brain function associated with concussion. The National Football League and the National Hockey League have both instituted systematic programs of neuropsychological testing, as have many colleges. Athletes are administered brief tests of attention, memory, and speed of information processing before the In high school football many boys are relinquished to hold back from there competitive drive.

They many times strive as hard as they can for as long as they can unfortunately not knowing the costs that their dedicated could possibly have on their lives. Concern for young football players is rapidly growing according to newfound evidence that these young men are suffering from these injuries without anyone knowing it. Some of these head injuries are very serious and more importantly they often go without notice or diagnosis. Also many times people tend to think that it is the big hits that many times cause the concussion, however it can also be from the number of times that one is hit.

Its basic meaning is that kids can get into some trouble, whether it be by injury or doing something foolish. That is until they sustain a concussion or some other brain injury. Then the tables change. Concussions have been an increasing problem and has brought fear in every household whose children are in physical sports. Concussions have been around ever since humans started performing physical activities. There has been loads of equipment created to help prevent this brain injury.

At this day and age, children and teens pretty much do whatever anybody tells them to do. Especially when it comes to sports. Having the knowledge of the risks, before you go out there and play, should be mandatory and would most definitely help in the long run. Problem A concussion is a brain injury that occurs when the brain is shaken inside the skull, causing changes in the brains chemistry and energy supply.

Concussions are increasing every year and it is getting way out of control. Over , children are admitted to hospitals each and every year either induced with a concussion or some other brain injury. Over 6, of them die from these injuries. These injuries have increased so much that even the national sports leagues High school student-athletes can relate to this, for the matter: at some point in their athletic career they were injured and did not fully recover. They were not able to fully bounce back because there was never the thought that it would result in long term damage.

Playing through the injury was key. In the long run it is better to address the injury right away instead of trying to stay in the game. It would be most beneficial to sit out the few games required for recovery, than to play and worsen the injury. NFL players did what any athlete would do and stay in the game, regarding whatever their condition was. They did this to avoid the disappointment their teammates might see in them, but also the satisfaction they would get when Soon after the NHL announced that this year the league recorded the most concussions ever. The NHL is failing to reduce the numbers of concussions each year. So we ask this question, is the NHL doing a good enough job of protecting its players from this serious injury? Sidney Crosby, the superstar of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and arguably the best hockey player in the NHL, has been sidelined with a concussion problem since January 5th.

After the hit Crosby laid face down on the ice for some time. Hockey players have the mentality of being tough, so Crosby took his next shift, and played the rest of the game. During his next game, against the Tampa Bay Lighting, Crosby took a hard check into the boards again taking a hard to the head. Crosby skated Football, a sport of hard hits and exciting plays. Every year you see something in football which is amazing. A player breaks a record or catches a ridiculous pass for a touchdown. Your favorite team goes to the super bowl and wins. Your favorite player has a career season and breaks NFL records.

These are the reasons why I love the game of football. But with the good, must come the bad. Players receiving injuries while playing. Minor injuries to major injuries, sooner or later every player in the NFL will experience an injury. The sad thing is, there is one injury that has an everlasting effect. Once thought to be no big deal, concussions are now at the center of a huge lawsuit against the NFL and forcing retired players to change how they live. So, are concussions changing the lives of NFL players or is there something else happening to the players that are causing these brain disorders? My vote is the concussions are causing these players lives to change forever. The purpose of this proposal is to show that if something is not done to limit concussions the sport may change the way we know it and love it.

I would not want to watch football if the NFL went to flag football and not full tackle. The players would not want that either. It will be a trickle down affect. The NFL will Home Page English and Literature. Premium Essay. Show More. Concussions in Sports 9 September Hire verified writer. Concussions in Sports Essay Example. Concussions in Sports. Related Essays. A limited time offer! Save Time On Research and Writing.

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