Al-Bashir Case Analysis

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Al-Bashir Case Analysis

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Al Bashir case : Pre-Trial Chamber I to decide anew on the genocide charge, 03.02.10

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Uganda receives more foreign assistance than its neighbors in large part because of its approach to hosting forcibly displaced people, funds that have benefited refugees and host communities alike in a country with regular economic challenges. Both countries face growing international criticism for their antidemocratic rule and human rights records and probably view their acceptance of Afghan refugees as an opportunity to soften their international images and dissuade foreign partners from imposing sanctions or other punitive measures.

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since , presided over a election so discredited that the United States refrained from even deploying an observation team. Museveni, as he has with his peacekeeping and counterterrorism contributions, almost certainly hopes that hosting Afghan refugees might spare him from further negative geopolitical repercussions. Somaliland and Sudan have a different calculus than Rwanda and Uganda, seeking U. Somaliland, a former British colony that joined Italian-administered Somalia as an independent state in , also has endured horrors of war. A Somaliland foreign ministry spokesperson last month confirmed that his government had discussed temporarily hosting Afghan refugees with U.

Sudan also has experienced the devastation of conflict and hardships of Islamic fundamentalist rule. It fought a decades-long civil war and the previous regime once sheltered Osama Bin Laden and carried out a genocide in Darfur. Beyond humanitarianism, Somaliland and Sudan have additional motivations to accept Afghan refugees. Somaliland, which is not recognized by a single government, wants to show it is a responsible actor globally. Sudan, in contrast, wants to rehabilitate its reputation as an international pariah state and cement U. Following the overthrow of dictator Omar al-Bashir in April , the new government—a mix of military and civilian leaders—has assiduously worked to win U.

It normalized relations with Israel, banned female genital mutilation, canceled the death penalty as apostasy, and agreed to settle claims by victims of the attacks on the U. The U. The need, of course, is great. Over , people were evacuated from Afghanistan in the weeks before U. It is part of this long line that the Afghans in Africa find themselves. Though out of immediate danger from the Taliban, their future remains unclear. African leaders speak of temporarily hosting Afghans while asylum claims are processed in the United States and elsewhere beyond the continent. As the United States continues to urge these and other African countries to host Afghans, it should provide necessary assistance to the refugees and their host communities as long as required, especially if there are distinct cultural, religious, or other accommodations necessary to provide protection and support to these recently displaced and vulnerable Afghans.

Despite the generosity of African nations, these requests should be carefully adjudicated, avoiding all appearance of quid pro quo for accepting refugees and providing humanitarian assistance. While difficult, it is not impossible to resolve tough trade-offs between refugee assistance needs and broader human rights and democracy objectives in the region. Rwanda, Uganda, Somaliland, and Sudan have a history of generosity toward displaced persons and refugees and should be appreciated for their willingness to host vulnerable Afghans, no matter the reason.

That is what we believe will change the continent, and that is what we report on. With hard-hitting investigations, innovative analysis and deep dives into countries and sectors, The Africa Report delivers the insight you need. Give yourself a headstart: Get full access to The Africa Report on all your devices. Subscribe now. All Progressives Congress chief Bola Tinubu has returned to Nigeria after over three months abroad recuperating from surgery. He is on a mission This is a man who has left no doubt But what kind of statement was he making through his recent changes to the cabinet? Erdan noted that the Trump administration, which initiated the Abraham Accords, did not always support the two-state model either.

Trump officials were also several times quoted calling the traditional two-state paradigm unrealistic. Nusseibah, Bahraini Ambassador Jamal Al Rowaiei and Moroccan envoy Omar Hilale instead focused on the ties their respective countries have been developing with Israel in the past year. They also presented their countries as beacons of coexistence and tolerance, pointing to the growing Jewish communities that they host. You get Israel news Here's your chance to understand not only the big picture that we cover on these pages, but also the critical, juicy details of life in Israel. In Streetwise Hebrew for the Times of Israel Community , each month we'll learn several colloquial Hebrew phrases around a common theme.

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