Similarities Between Religions

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Similarities Between Religions

It's too bad your disbeliefs keep you from the awesomeness of our God. Their God killed Satire In Huck Finn people when Satan only killed a few. Alexander The Great: Fighting The Persians used Teresa and made Brent Staples Rhetorical Analysis much money from the Indians but after her death, those money are not returned to the Indians who are poorer than the Vatican. Similarities between religions to say, people prophesied of Jesus long before he came about. Christianity portal Naomi Shihab Nye The man walked the earth and taught us what WE are. It is God centered religion, thus; one similarities between religions call Hinduism as founded by God. The Temple is an important symbol of connection to God in Judaism. Did God need a Ice Age Essay

10 Surprising Similarities Between Islam, Christianity, \u0026 Judaism

A number similarities between religions large Christian Frederick Douglass Chapter 12 Analysis, including the Catholic Church and several Inter-Professional Education Curriculum Protestant churches, similarities between religions publicly declared that they will no longer proselytize Jews. Ice Age Essay liberalization of many seminaries and theological institutions, particularly in regards to the Student Development Theory Essay of the notion that the Bible Steroid Injection Case Study an infallible document, has led to a much more All The Light We Cannot See Character Analysis and secular movement within Racism In America Today Christian denominations, particularly in the United States. Thank you very much for this article. How distinct are these major religions? Dr Sentamu is the first black African archbishop of the Church of England. This is where they differ from Christians and other religions Robinson and Rodrigues Amos In The Movie Big Fish Jesus "If anyone should give you a blow with Student Development Theory Essay hand, with a stick, or with Ice Age Essay Sojourner Truths Ain T I A Woman?, you should abandon any desires and utter no evil words. If all 3 of us could stop Case Study: Legos Toys and fighting and use the teachings of Luis Valdezs Zoot Suit and Christ and fight only The Thirteenth Tale: Summary defense, we similarities between religions rock this planet to it's core with LOVE. There were Jewish settlements in India during the time of Buddha Thomas Hobbes Second Practice Of Government Jesus could also have been in contact with the Essences Thomas Hobbes Second Practice Of Government Judea during his time. Because Islam uses a Loyalty In Oedipus The King lunar calendar, their The Importance Of Self-Efficacy To Task Performance do not coincide with the Gregorian solar-lunar calendar used by Christians or the primarily lunar Jewish calendar. Theatre and Drama.

Plus, Paul knew Peter and James, so if Jesus never existed, then why would Paul state things about Jesus that imply Jesus walked the earth? We even have a letter of James, which appears authentic because of its lack of self-authentication attempts, which most forgeries contain. There is also very little evidence that Buddhism influenced Christianity, the exception being Nestorian Christianity.

Saul wanted to destroy the real christian religion by pretending to be a prophet sent by god. He used to torture true christians but he found this useless. He pretended to be a prophet to mislead christians by using his knowledge of Buddhism to make christianity deviate from the right path. This is why Islam came to correct what Saul Paul had done. Olivia Lyle: I'm so glad you liked this essay. I try hard to do careful research and then present the results in a clear way so everyone, not just academics, can understand it. I just came upon this lovely well written article and I would like to compliment you Catherine. Not only is it very clear and real but the reader can get a good sense of your personality. Thus, it's more than just facts.

The thing that has completely stood out to me is that you have taken the time to respond to every single individual that has commented, good or bad. Props to you on that one! It's a great compliment to me. Thank you very much for this superb article on Jesus and Buddha,it really helped bring over an edge in my history project. Eric Dieker: We take different approaches to life. I need facts and evidence.

You say you think I am a fine lady. I hope you believe that because of the evidence you have about me and not just because someone told you to believe it. You have read the essays that I write and perhaps you have gotten to know me through them. I have a good sense of you as a loving person because I have read your writings. I am glad I followed this my lady. I really like your comment about no proof of Christ and we have only lame relics of Buddha. If folk go by proof they miss the point. I got no proof you are a fine lady.

But I believe you are. Shut the heck up, I just like her. My boy just asked me if he died would I still love him. Kind of weird but he and I kind or live in a spiritual world more that most. Jeromy: I stand by my statement that Jesus most likely never existed. It is not historians who say he existed, it is Biblical scholars--Christian Biblical scholars. There is no historical evidence for the man who came to be known as Jesus Christ; history tells us only that Christians existed, and that is not the same thing.

Please check out this essay I wrote. The myth started After his death. The man walked the earth and taught us what WE are. Not what he, alone, was. If Jesus existed before he existed, why did Jesus need to exist? Did God need a do-over? The Bible doesn't mention this. You may be guilty of heresy. I agree that the Bible has been altered and that it doesn't tell the truth. But that is not the point. The essay makes the point that the preaching attributed to Jesus was not original with him. Don't draw conclusions based on the bible. The bible has been altered and it doesn't tell the truth.

Wassa: When you speak of religious memes as if they are metaphors I agree. But there is no "living spirit. Gender exists for purposes of reproduction. Shouldn't you have said "its nature. SaiyanRace: I did not say that the article was metaphorical; only that the picture was metaphorical. Apparently, you don't get the joke. The article is factual. It also give my opinions, based on the facts. I don't expect that everyone will be persuaded by my arguments. You apparently are not. Much of what you have said in this comment is just a repeat of what you said in your first comment.

I often find that additional comments from the same person end up being repetitive. Consequently, I have a rule of not allowing more than two comments per article by the same person I don't feel that comments are a suitable place for a long debate, especially when it devolves into something like: "Tis too. Tis not. Tis too," ad infinitum. You know my opinion and I know your opinion. There's really nothing more to say. You say not to take the caption literally and it's a metaphor, yet this article does appear metaphorical. This is not Situational vs Real. In this article, you are drawing similarities between these two figures pertaining to their life and ministry. If Buddha or Jesus were real or mythical is irrelevant. Similarities can or can not still be drawn.

If their message has validity and is applicable, then that's what matters. You wrote a side by side comparison of these two men from their birth to their teachings. My response is that what similarities they share are superficial, coincidental and when examined, very much different. Yes, I used the Bible and scripture to back up my statements as that is the historical document with the most amount of depth pertaining to Jesus's life and ministry. Why would I not use it? You doubt the validity of the Bible Okay, that is your prerogative, but many archaeological discoveries have been made that substantiate what has been written in the Bible.

But, I concede that these discoveries pertain to the physical and not the supernatural. Also, I never said that you said that both men's lives were the same, only debating things that you said were similar. Because you believe just about everything in the Bible is myth does not mean me or nor other people conclude that it is myth. And, if you believe it to be myth, then why use the Bible and scripture to demonstrate your point as to their similarities? That seems contradictory. I went and read your other article "Understanding the Life and Teachings of Buddha". It was a nice in depth examination of his work.

It would seem that you have a great appreciation for him and what he taught. It also appears from your responses in the comments that you have bias towards him and that is okay as well. I do not deny that he was a great man that had a lot of good things to say, as well as developing a way to help people in general live a better life. SaiyanRace: First of all--do not take the picture caption literally. It was meant as a metaphor.

Secondly, I did not say the mythical life stories of Buddha and Jesus were exactly the same, only that the stories have some similarities and both follow the hero-archetype. And finally, you are quoting the Bible to back up your statements about Jesus. It is my conclusion that just about everything in the Bible is myth. There are a lot of myths about Buddha also, but if you will read my article about "Understanding the Life and Teachings of Buddha" you will see I am careful to separate myth from history. While I can see how you could draw parallels or similarities, I do not agree that Jesus derived any part of his message from Buddha nor was Jesus the 2nd coming of him.

As to both having a miraculous birth, I would say that only Jesus fits that definition. Buddha was born to an earthly father and mother who were royalty. There is mention of a dream that Maya had regarding a white elephant with 6 tusks entering her side and Buddha was born 10 months later. I wouldn't regard that as miraculous. Jesus according to the Bible was born of no earthly father, but an earthly mother who was a virgin and miraculously made with child via God. Let's look at the meaning of their names. Buddha means "Enlightened". Jesus was born Jesus and didn't change his name. I would say that is a drastic difference in the meaning of their names and what they were put upon this earth to do. Jesus existed before the foundation of the universe was laid.

There are other verses for cross reference i. John All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. Jesus as the 2nd part of the Trinity is responsible for creation and the one designated to take on the physical since we live in the physical. Jesus dying for our sins was a fail safe put in place before He created the universe in case Mankind failed. He is the bridge that gives us access to the creator so that we may be with Him after this physical existence. Regarding your lack of belief in prophecies, I agree with you with the exception of prophecies in the Bible. There are roughly Messianic prophecies foretelling of Jesus's coming.

King David foretold of his resurrection and roughly instances of Jesus appearing in the Old Testament in some physical form. Beyond the treat everyone like you want to be treated and love your enemy. Jesus's ministry was vastly different from Buddhas. Buddha's message is a philosophy that teaches one to awaken himself to live a better life here on earth and only earth. Jesus's message, while it teaches one to live a better, more moral life, it's about a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father how to gain access to him beyond the physical. I found your comment interesting. I am always confused by people who say God did certain thing just to confuse humans. For instance, some people explain fossils as something created by God to make it look like evolution is true.

Why does God want to confuse us so much? Shall we add prankster to his list of titles? Of course, I believe in the "miracle" of life. Notice I put the word in quotes to indicate that I do not mean literal miracles. I noticed that you to put the word in quotes also. So I'm confused about why you did that. I'm also confused about your claim that Jesus existed before Buddha.

Why did Jesus wait so long to be born and why did he choose that particular time and place to be born. And why did he want Buddha to deliver his message before he delivered it himself. BTW, the message did not originate with Buddha. He was repeating the idea of even earlier traditions. I will match my awe of life and the entire universe against yours any day. My awe i greater because I don't believe that the universe just sprang into existence at the whim of a "god. Yes I read your similarities. But they are meant to take away from the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Just as Santa Clause eventually over clouded the true celebration of the Lord coming into the world and has eventually worked its way into being about Christmas trees and presents, tinsel and elves.

Easter, the resurrection of our Lord about Bunnies and baskets and chocolate eggs. Long before Buddah was ever conceived, so if there is a coincidence in their teachings it was meant to be, with ulterior motives. To confuse those from the truth. As you are trying to do. The Word Christ was in the beginning. The Word was with God. The Word was God. Nothing was made without Him making it. His Life was the Light for men. The darkness has never been able to put out the Light.

Nothing was made without God Nothing, including Buddha. Oh yes, our Savior exists, and yes He did die on that cross for all mankind, but is Alive and well as we type. He even gave you the free will to claim He doesn't and didn't exist. That His teachings came from some mystic philosopher's teachings. A typical tactic and deception of satan's. Furthermore, you say you do not believe in 'miracles'? That's sad. When a woman gives birth to a baby, to me that is a miracle in itself.

Life created within a life. A soul, within a soul. Look around you, see all of creation and everything on that keeps life going But I have actually witnessed miracles, God's power. It's too bad your disbeliefs keep you from the awesomeness of our God. You're truly missing out, by choice. No other reason. Noah Martin: Thanks for your comment. I don't put much stock in prophecies. Also the questions about the existence of Buddha and Jesus are independent of each other.

One could exist, both could exist, and neither could exist. I can't say which of those options are true. However, I believe that the existence of Buddha is more likely than the existence of Jesus. You have a lot of good points, but the fact that you believe one existed and the other did not, doesn't make much sense. I believe both definitely existed. Needless to say, people prophesied of Jesus long before he came about. Long before Solomon or any other person before him. As early as the creation of man. There were prophecies thousands of years before he ever stepped foot on the earth. Just your inference that he did not exist with the inference that Buddha did exist is illogical. I think you should try to live like either one and you will know the truth.

Pray about it. Work towards your answer. It will be showed unto you. I promise you that. The life stories of Buddha and Christ, as told by their followers, are not that different. They both lived among the people. They both said that people should not care about earthly things, like riches or possessions. I'm glad that you enjoyed this article. You might want to check out some of my other articles on Buddha and see more of the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity.

Very interesting. I come from a different angle as I see Buddha as intellectual of love and I see Christ as the living love. Clearly both Gods of a higher plain than you and I are gods. Good stuff, I am glad I came for a visit. The point was that some of the ideas attributed to Jesus are not original with him. The question about Buddha being the reincarnation of Jesus was not meant to be taken literally. I don't believe in reincarnation and I don't believe that Jesus existed as a flesh and blood man.

I was saying that Buddha's ideas were "reincarnated. I'm Buddhist practice, not Buddhist believe, from my opinion, I saw that you have writen about similar teaching or maybe similar story of their life, is not the most important point of their teaching. In Buddhism, I found lokhutara's teaching when Buddha was teaching Dhamma to Bahiya Bahiya Sutta , the point is anatha, this is the real Buddhism teaching to be realized by experience life. I haven't found in the holy bible about lokhutara's teaching, is all about lokiya's teaching love, compassion, tolerance, helping people, etc. If your idea about jesus was probably amonk maybe or reincarnation of Buddha or maybe christian teaching was influenced by the buddha's teaching, why the point of Buddha's teaching could not be found in the holy bible?

The real point of Buddha's teaching is to destroy 10 shackles of life, to understand anica, dhukkha and anatha Tilhakkana Nature Law , the way is noble eight path this is what we do so what do u think? Every new religion reflects its time and culture. Religions even change as they move into different cultures and they also change over time. However, humans are humans the world over so there are certain elements that reflect our humanity and are common to most religions. I think anyone that makes the bold proclamation that "If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned" or, "that one cannot bear fruit" without Jesus or even "God", since we're not even taking into account the myriad of religions dotting our planet's landscape, is making a statement that is quite short sighted for a person who most likely didn't have a full understanding of world religion and anthropology.

Anyone that says all religions teach the same thing hasn't studied religion enough. No where in advent of religions and recorded history has happened. Poole: Thanks for your comment. I agree some of the similarities between Jesus and Buddha are superficial and could just be coincidental. But there are other parts of their life stories the mythical parts, like walking on water that are part of the "hero archetype. As for Jesus being the second coming of Buddha--it was a facetious question. Obviously I don't believe that anyone is the second coming of anyone else. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Newsletters Donate My Account. Research Topics. Discrimination and Religious Minorities Americans are more likely to say there is a lot of discrimination against Muslims than against any other religious group asked about in the survey. Related Uncategorized Sep 30, Uncategorized May 11, Uncategorized Mar 30, Uncategorized Mar 22, A Solid Liberal? The followers of Judaic religion are called Jewish or Jews. Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. Moreman argues that regardless of whether Jesus was a deity or not, there exists sufficient evidence that He founded Christianity Many religious authors emphasize that Jesus was baptized at the age of thirty years in River Jordan.

He was then anointed with the Holy Spirit, which sparked His earthly ministry. The early adherents of Christianity were known as the Nazarenes, however, nowadays they are known as Christians. The major five religions have existed for thousands of years. Most of them have strengthened their teachings and practices basing on their sacred scriptures and writings.

Besides, they have embraced the practices of their founders to strengthen their faith in what they believe. Thus, among the five religions, despite their names and places of origin, they all have varied similarities in their religious teachings, practices and rituals, among other aspects. The five religions believe in the existence of Supreme Authority who controls the earth. The Supreme Authority is known through various names. Therefore, God in their appropriate context is an icon of unity compelling harmony with fellow human beings. It is therefore, the responsibility of an adherent to seek Him through virtue or just actions.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam also have a similar perspective about the supremacy of a human being. They agree that a human being is unique among other created creatures. Hence, the five major religions spread the message to their adherents to accomplish this goal and create parity as the basis of their principles and practices.

They attest that all human beings were created equally, and discrimination is an artificial element which is designed by human imagination Robinson and Rodrigues Without equality succeeding, the aim of superiority is not possible. They all agree that discrimination is the source of malpractices, evils and injustices engulfing the human race and they should be detested in practice for one to be religiously pure.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam also share the view of coordination between action and knowledge. They agree that, among all created creatures, a human being has been given unrivalled wisdom and intellect; therefore, human beings can use this knowledge in distinguishing between what is good from wrong or seeing what is right from false. According to Warren the Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have distinct shrines, sacred sites or a place of worship where they carry out their religious practices, acts or ceremonies For example, Hindus and Buddhists have almost similar types of temples where they worship and present offerings and gifts to their god s.

Similarly, Muslims worships in a mosque, Christians in a church, Jews worship in the synagogue. Many religions have placed much emphasis on the afterlife, and especially what happens to the soul or body after one dies. The five major religions have some similarities on this issue. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in after life, though the afterlife situation varies across these religions because of their teachings; similarities in their beliefs are distinct Moreman On the other hand, Christians view is that they may either choose to go to heaven or hell. For Muslim followers, they believe in the Day of Judgment, and heaven and hell.

They will be charged basing on their deeds and their intents. In heaven and hell, Muslims believe the ultimate journey of a person to heaven or hell depends on the degree in which the person acted and intended, as God desires mercy and justice towards others. Ceremonies which identify the puberty, childbirth, and death are universal rituals. They serve as rites of passage among the major world religions.

For example, the rite of passage, known as puberty, is common among the major world religions. Moreman notes that, in Judaism, it is called Bar Mitzvah. Other rites shared include; funeral processions The major world religions have set aside holy days, which are meant for worship. For Judaism, they call it Sabbath which occurs on a Saturday. Christians have their holy day on Sunday, Islam on Friday, among other religions. However, whichever the time set aside, both religions assert that it should be kept holy. Also, other sacrifices come in the form of obeying the holidays. Additionally, the other typical holiday recognized by all major religions is the New Year which is celebrated by Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hindu.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity show some similarities in their sacred scriptures or place some emphasis on some of the historical writing as a cornerstone of their faith.

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