Irs Gestapo Pros And Cons

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Irs Gestapo Pros And Cons

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Find your next favorite book. Midnight Sun. Stephenie Meyer. But until now, fans have heard only Bella's side of the story. At last, readers can experience Edward's version in the long-awaited companion novel, Midnight Sun. This unforgettable tale as told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist. Meeting Bella is both the most unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire. As we learn more fascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts, we understand why this is the defining struggle of his life.

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She needs to move forward with her life. Hardin knows he made a mistake, possibly the biggest one of his life. But can he change? Will he change Tasty, BuzzFeed 's popular cooking brand, delivers both comforting and healthy weeknight dinners for meat-lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike, plus treats like ice cream, chocolate desserts, and rainbow recipes galore. Now you can deliver on the promise of a great dish whenever the urge strikes. Get ready—your cooking is about to go viral. George Orwell. I was a single mother after divorce and agreed no child support going either way.

I wanted my ex to be able to provide a home for my son to visit him at. Men have no rights in this country and women are bitching they need more. My current husband pays over half his income to child support, current and arrears. There is no bigger scam than child support. Dead beat dads are the reason for child support and struggling singlr mothers cant always make ends meet. If you paid child support on time, then it wouldnt go in arrears. If you lose your job or get sick, you can file with the court to lower you child support payments. Hell even if you only paid a little bit to child support instead of ignoring it altogether the arrearages wouldnt be so outrageous. Its funny that deadbeat parents complain about having to pay the other parent child support but dont seem to care if their child goes without.

I was paying a month in child support. Then the airline I worked for went under. I lost my job and went to court to get my child support lowered. The judge refused and actually broke the law in his ruling. During this time I became seriously ill with Valley Fever which went undiagnosed for 8 years. I was bedridden the whole time. All because the judge broke the law. I was a single mom of three working 2 jobs barely got to see my kids.

If they lose their job or make less then they should follow the rules let child support know their situation has changed the amount would change. The best thing you can do is get copies of all payment maid,get copies of what you owe your ex and copies of when and how they gave your ex because these people are corrupt check your payment records I bet there are payment records discrepancy. I want only the principle that he owes not the thousands in interest.

My husband was just contacted by a gentleman that found him on Facebook. The mother-in-law stated she got pregnant as a result of a one night stand, supposedly by my husband he was single at the time. Thus, this gentleman is claiming my husband is the father of his wife — she would now be 34yros. This gentleman states he will be pursuing legal action for my husband to have a DNA test so child support can be collected on those lost years.

My husband does vaguely remember this — he is not proud of it — but he was drinking, doing drugs, and was not the only man to have intercourse with the woman that night. He wants to have the DNA test as he feels the possible daughter should know — however, he is concerned — as am I — about the possibility of having to pay back child support. Any advice is welcome!!!! You can not go back and collect child support on an adult unless the order was put in effect when she was a minor.

I have the opposite problem as most of you. The father of our 5 children has never paid anything and even when we were together I was the only one who worked. We have not lived together for 12 years and at some point human services made me file for child support. Which of course being in and out of prison and a bum he never paid. Then 2 years ago he finally managed to get SSI for addiction and bipolar not physical. So they said he no longer had to pay current support and could pay 50 a month on back child support. I understand they cant touch SSI which is still bull but why not leave the order for when he might get inheritance from his parents or any other money. It is NOT fair we both had 5 children but I am the only one the state decided needed to support them in any way.

The state did not decide this… when you had 5 children, YOU decided to be responsible for them. What if he died? If he is disabled then it is no different than he had died. I am telling you this from the same position as you. My ex-wife and I had 3 children and she took off and abandoned us, and has never paid a dime. I enjoy my children and provide for them. You are bitter that you have to provide for YOUR children? So what you are doing it alone… many of us do. SSI will most likely pay to your children too if that is what he is getting. That is way more tragic IMO. I agree. Did whatever he could to not pay…. Angela: I have almost the same problem. Being a single parent of 2, ages 19 and 14 which have the same dad.

My children dad in and out of jail. He has been on child support about 4 years and told me and his children, he will not work but will work off the books so he do not have to pay child support. As a single parent, I do the right thing for my children but I struggle with taking care of my kids, bills and making ends meat. I am living paycheck to pay check and every dime counts. I even taken on a part time job just so my kids can join activities in and out of schools.

All I ask and want him to do is to help me. He is actually laughing at me struggling while he is living his life with his new girlfriend of the month. He will only give the kids money for their birthday and Christmas. No school materials, clothes or anything for there activities for school, church, or any other activities which the kids may want to partake in. Again, child support is very much needed and need to be enforced. For the parents that are actually doing right by paying child support, I commend you. For the parents who think and probably will get away with it, I pray you feel the struggle because the struggle is real.

My Husband and I have been together now for 17yrs. Today is our 14th wedding Anniversary,when I met my husband he told me about his son that he shared custody with his ex, who had been cheating on him they had a rather ugly divorce in the state of CA. He went pro Se she had an attorney. Really adds up quick and it has they have taken my Fed income tax and stimulus but was never applied to the amount owed? We always provided the transportation to and from Huntington beach and so. Then my husband was seriously injured work. Please Since when is it illegal to owe money?

The child is 26yrs old and he lived with us as soon as the child support stopped at 19yrs since his mom held him back by not putting him in regular school. He is my world she said that she would make him suffer. Because she was going out with the girls 2 nights a week comming home at 5am? This justice system sucks! I hope to start a grassroots movement in each state and petition the Congress to change this for all of us God willing. I think of they capped the interest at an amount that was lower people could catch up but as it is now …….

Something needs to be done. It took 2 people to make these kids and why does one have to go into so much debt while the other sits and collect. Why is it so easy for CS to find and collect but want proof that a child is missing school, not living with the parent or running around in the streets. How is it ok for the Government to continue supporting a parent and their still having kids? I was married for 12 years to someone I thought loved me. At the time I had a business where I earned approximately , a year. After two years my business closed I was unable to keep it going. My income then changed to 50, a year approximately and some years a lot less 25, Meanwhile my ex-wife continuously says it is for the children.

She has divorced for a second time and lives in the village in a large house they bought the home next door to them bulldozed it and put an inground pool in. My children have everything under the sun you cannot buy them a gift because they most likely have it. My children have never been on welfare or taken anything from New York state. He asks for a very small donation. Tell him Richey Cole in Texas sent you. My husband owe back child support and they take it out of his check weekly, but he has custody of all 3 kids for the last 5 years y is he still paying back pay if he has the kids, when they money goes straight to the mother of his kids, also.

A friend had custody of her kids, received child support, eventually the father got custody, and now the mom is the one paying child support. You have to take initiative to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I hope if he has custody of the kids, he took care of that through the courts, so that it cant be a he said she said thing later.

My husband is paying back support on his 3 adult children. I understand that he has to pay the arrears, and we are willing to pay it, but can they still revoke his license as punishment once the kids are all over 19? I am presently going thru the same b s with the Tx AGs office. They took half of that, so how am I to survive?? Our lawmakers need to change this law before we all become homeless. Has he contacted the state to make let them know he wasnt working and to see if they can make an adjustment or is he just not paying?

Well, if he would have paid his child support when his son was a child and alive he would not be in the predicament he is in now. May son past away, but his sperm donor would not pay his child support. Yes, the original supprt order should stop and an Arrears amount only set in Most states. However, In some states it chikd support goes to 21 or when they graduate from college. Check your local laws. Best wishes. The arrearages are still owed and often they keep the payments at the same amount in hopes of it getting paid off sooner. The reality is that this is a government scam to bilk american men out of their hard earned money for a lifetime. Why are these not being called terrorists threats? In addition to violations of human rights! People who see this as reasonable,probably also see privacy invasion as constitutional to fight terrorism.

Double standard? For this reason, I would have the local prosecutors office recalculate your child support arrears using the 6-percent interest rate specified by Federal law, rather than by state law. I also had to remind my local prosecutors office that because of the Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution, that they were required to use this lower interest rate on child support arrears interest to calculate the interest that I was ordered to pay on retroactive child support rather than the higher interest rate specified by state law.

I am the father of two boys, both of which are over 18 now. The mother of one of them, gave her mother custody of our child when he was about 1, and I was still forced to sign my rights over later when he was about 5 — Somehow, I still had to pay back child support. When he was about 14 or 15, he was having trouble with his mother and it was agreed that he would move in with me for a short time. I told him to grab every single thing that he owned — after all that time and all of the money that I spent — my son did not even have a full week worth of clothes — ALL of his belongings amounted to about 2 pair of jeans, 3 pairs of socks, a couple of shirts, an alarm clock and a skateboard.

My child with this woman was both, hers and my first child, however, after her first child, she had 3 or more by three other different guys, all of which she is still living off of the child support. In the end, between the two cases, most of what is due is past support interest which is such an ungodly absurd amount, which will never be paid off in my life time, and I quit paying the day my son moved in with me and I saw where all of that money went, not to my son.

I will never understand the point of interest on child support — the children are not credit cards, houses, cars, bank loans….. My dad never paid a single penny of child support his entire life, and I am now 41 — and I will say that I turned out just fine. I can understand courts getting involved in order to make sure that a child is taken care of, however, the interest is BS in my opinion. There are way too many welfare queens out there who never work a day in their life, because it is easier to have a child just to get the free money. My kids are grown and healthy, they made it to adult hood, the money to get them there helped, but its the last thing significant in a childs mind — they dont care about the money, they care about the relationship, period. Is there a chance that I will ever be able to pay that crazy amount of interest?

Never going to happen in my life time, regardless of what anyone says or demands. So, now I am paying for adult children. How can the system be so greedy? My friend has been paying child support for 18 years now. The mother never wanted my him to have any interaction with the child only financial. The child has down syndrome and we just heard that California has a law that requires to pay child support for the rest of the child life because he is considered disable. My friend is married and has no children because he will be financial not stable. He was told if he has a child of his own he will continue with child support and only be reduce by minimal. Do you have any advise or comments? I already paid off my balanced …including interest … But after a month I received a letter again that I still owe her this amount of money???

I want to hire a lawyer at that time but I lost my job and still charging me for that monthly payment plus interest on top of the interest… What is the best thing should I do to stop this? Thank you. I want to start a grassroots movement to try to help all of the parents who are abused by this system. Speak to someone directly, give them the proof and ask them for help.

Your son should only make payments through the child support office. This way, the support is always acknowledged. I disagree with payments will always be acknowledged. All judges are ex-lawyers. They cause all parties to hire lawyers. This is a shameless situation, and children should not be used by custodial parents to abuse non-custodial parents. I have 2 daughters, 1 just turned 21 and the other just turned My oldest never married, but my youngest just got married.

In the mean time their father was in and out of prison cause he was and is an alcoholic along with being very abusive. I opened a child support case thru our local dhs back in hoping I would get some sort of compensation for all my hard work. By he was 50, behind and when he found out he was furious and desperate. Now, it gets even better! When he got out this last time my oldest daughter was 17 and was trying to have some sort of relationship with him.

So because she was around him a little more he went and opened a food stamp case and put her on it. So dhs had 2 cases opened on 1 child, where he was supposed to pay me and I was supposed to pay him. Our child support system is so screwed up and nobody knows what there doing. Oh I hear you Los Angeles County will not listen I had one case in two places Los Angeles and Orange County Los Angeles would not listen it went on for years garnish my wages from two counties finally one year one woman called me from Orange County and told me that she saw the problem she helped me she called down to Los Angeles and they finally got it straight after 3 years. Please sign this petition to change unfair child support laws. Non-custodial parents, making up the majority of men are treated unfair when it comes to welfare!

Quit your damn judging. You know nothing of each individual case. The courts are bias towards fathers in this country and I just proved It. The whole family court is crooked and corrupt. The real deadbeats are working in the family court system! I agree… family court is crooked and treat father unfair. How to change the laws? That is not always the case, and minus a few exceptions, most custodial parent with arrearages didnt pay any child support, or the least amount they could.

Child support is based on the noncustodial parents income. If child support is a decent amount its helpful….. This last time my child support was supposed to be lowered due to state law…. We all feel the pain believe me!! I have had a tough time supporting my kids, but I went out and worked every day so we could survive. Thank you!! After almost a year with no financial and physical support I took him for child support. As soon as I did he quit his job, my kids lost their medical insurance and he moved out of state to live with his Dad.

The arrears should go to the custodial parent because of all the expenditures placed upon them daily to take care of their children. Finally, a response in support of the custodial parent. I am baffled by many of these comments, none of which acknowledge the burden on the custodial parent to handle not only their own parental responsibilities, but also those of the NC parent. When the NC parent chooses to relieve themselves of their responsibilities, then all of their responsibilities fall on one person. For those of you complaining, try thinking of it this way. This is not even including non-financial support. There is a good reason these laws are in place.

If that were true, courts could require both parents put the EXACT same amount of money in an account where the funds could only be used for the child ren. Custodial parents generate income from non-custodial parents without having to be held accountable that the funds be used on the child. Dispite his house being my home too, he paid for everything for me. Thank god he was in the position to do so.

Our children are a gift, and the future leaders of the world. Raising them is a privilege, not a punishment. Moms, back off. The rest I did do myself. I absolutely do not understand or agree with a non-custodial parent having zero rights to make those big decisions. Even if the child is still with the custodial parent. No one should be forced to parent. She collected child support for 18years. What about failed birth control? Another friend of mine was shocked she was pregnant after a condom broke.

Really, what can men do??? He was helpless, and did his best to avoid avoid a pregnancy. Sex is natural and normal. Why are we making men lose control of their lives? I could collect public assistance and would never have to pay it back. Why is it non-custodial parents need to pay back funds from any kind of public assistance? Why are those who are forced to pay child support also forced to pay for college? Women need to take responsibility for their choices too. When it comes to parenting, women have more decision making power which I want to keep. No one should pay child support. No one should be able to keep a child from the other parent either. I am writing regarding a friend. Then he went to his bank the other day and his account was frozen by the state, because they said he owes several thousand in back child support.

Now he has no money for food or anything. And of course he has to get legal help to get this straightened out. There are several bills that come out automatically of his account also. So now those will be delinquent as well. What is wrong with these agencies? Albeit, he did make some mistakes in the past but those were cleared, and now because of some bureaucratic error he has to suffer. To say this is total incompetence is an understatement! If you do something bad to someone or good….

Good now you know how the mother feels. But feel the pain of bills every month.. Go f yourself. Biggest joke is for the dads who are not deadbeats. I feel like I pay for all the ones who are.. I have two girls I see and love to death.. I notified my ex and while collecting unemployment I paid her 35 percent of what I was getting from unemployment. I called my attorney and he goes dummy go to the court and modify it..

I have a new job etc.. I mean its a joke. Unfair, that the dads that are responsible pay for all the deadbeats dads. We collectively need to identify the problems and have a grassroots effort to end each type of unfair situation. Sadly you should have gone to court in the first place, even if you and your ex came to an agreement. There should definitely be a law that states if the father does not know about the child, there should be no back child support.

That said let me say this. A father needs to take care of his kids. You dads should be fighting for them. I know its an uphill battle, but without trying you get nothing and its not in the best interest of your children. Fight for them, be there for them. Now my story is this, my ex and I were never married. We had kids though. Two beautiful children. I left her. I could list the reasons why, but does it matter?

We at first had our own plan. That lasted about 3 months, then I decided I better pay in check form. She ripped the check up and threw it at me. I said it was check or nothing, because I was protecting myself. Anyway fast forward 2 months. I had sporadically seen my children. Okay, now I need to get things right. I hire a lawyer, I track down where my ex lives. The lawyer keeps telling me we can work things out without going to court. It takes 9 months to get a temporary PP in. Finally I get to see my kids. I fire my lawyer, take my ex to court on my own and actually won more time with my kids than what my lawyer was fighting for. It was pretty cool. I am happy to be able to see my kids more regularly.

It was every other weekend and every Wednesday. Forget phone calls, I call everyday but there is either no answer or an excuse from the ex. Now I get to see them 2. Not quite what I want but its better. Now lets get to back child support. I told the judge the truth and was not.. I would argue that its horrible she was able to take my kids away for so long, and its bad that I have to pay back for that, but okay, I have a responsibility and I need to man up. But this is what gets me, even though I am currently paying every month my CS and then some, and I am by court order allowed to claim one of my children on my tax return.

I cannot claim my child so long as I owe back CS, and I get charged interest on the support. I am not sweating this, I have some savings and I can take out a loan for the rest. They get a job, now they start making payment again. Then they think, well I can just get caught up with my income tax, well no, not as much as you could because you owe back CS, on top of that they are charging interest and keeping you in a whole. They need to change the law. I you are A less than 6 months behind, or B more than six months but have paid CS for the entire year you should not get interest and you should be able to claim your child.

You can always file with the court if you lose your job. I just got the biggest kick out of what I did to Child Support Enforcement. I had fallen behind in child support, with just 3 years to go, due to employment rather, the lack of in my area. Well, I finally landed a decent job, paid for 5 years. I went to a local bank, sat down and told the situation and how the interest was growing…never to end. They loaned me the full amount! Handed her the total amount, and told her I will wait here until I get my release papers, thank you! Craig, you are fortunate that you could resolve it this way. Many men cannot. And, the interest builds up quickly. Two people, yes two people, have a child, making them both equally responsible to support the child, as dictated by the courts.

Hence, placing the full financial burden of raising the child on the custodial parent, perhaps why so many custodial parent may need welfare and state aid. How can anyone question why they are paying the arrears to the custodial parent? The money belongs to the custodial parent that supported the child while the non-custodial parent failed to uphold his or her obligation to the child. Truly, if you are ordered to pay a certain amount for your child, you should just pay like any parent should, especially if they were still residing together.

Enough crying! Pay for your children and you will not be seen as a deadbeat, nor will you be in arrears. If your financial situation changed go to court for a reduction instead of denying your child. You owe it to the children that you brought into this world. They need their parents support. My thought is this, if you believe the custodial parent is misusing the money, then report it. Then seek custody of your child so you can raise the child correctly. Otherwise, pay up. I never complained and encouraged him to see his child, which he did sporadically.

I had to work three jobs to care for my two children. I was glad to do what I did, since I got to take my children to work and my school at night. The best times of my life and they remain that way. We just told him to run and never try and come back. Dear Dumbfounded….. Not everyone has the same circumstance. Many fathers love their children just as much as the mother. Some fathers are broke, they have to pay rent as well. Mother remarries a rich guy. Broke father struggles to pay support. Ugh cant drive, cant work. Meanwhile, the state continues to charge interest. Anytime HHS gets involved its a disaster. They just follow the lead, right or wrong. Nothing makes sense. I could not agree with you more!!! If the custodial parent loses their job they still have to pay the same bills, still have to pay for childcare, food, clothes etc… those bills dont go away just because they lose their job… so why does the non custodial parent think they can not pay and its ok?

What would you do if the other parent dies? Does the light bill drastically drop? Do you burn less gas without the child in the car? If you cook 3 meals a day, does the grocery bill drastically drop? Females are not entitled to their exes earnings after divorce and nobody made you all more loving and nurturing than males. I sympathize with all the non-custodial parents out there that are being bled dry by the state in the name of child support.

Please visit my Blog and give me some feedback. My husband was at work one day and was surprised by his ex-wife, that he was only married to for 3 months, and his son that he never even knew about. He was 16 when he met him for the first time. She showed up to let him know that she was filling for child support. To make a long story short, we had to pay 8 years of back child support and know were having to pay off the interest that the state was charging us. The father and the child are both cheated out of having any relationship with each other. There should be a law passed that the mother should only have 1 yr to come back and get child support. But, when the child is 10 years old, the mother looses her job and needs help.

She should be able to file for support and not get past support, but begin a current request. This seems reasonable. Give a man a break and let him bind and help as he chooses, the mother neglected telling him, why show up years later selfish -My husband would have never had another child if he knew about the first one. He honoured his financial obligations and would have been a great dad but this woman who was never even a girlfriend has nearly ruined another humans life cause of her own selfish chooses- if a woman can choose to abort, then give a man a choice to be a dad or not equal rights crap joke!! If anyone know of lawyers who can fight and win a child support disaster system please reach out..?!?!

All our child are grown and some married — it was these mothers choices to turn up years later- so no payment should be the case!! Maybe it would be better to have federal guidelines and have all the states follow them. In other states, the custodial parent can only ask the courts for retroactive child support for 2 years. I think the case can be made that you were never informed that his child existed, and were thereby cheated out of helping raise him.

Get a good attorney, and I wish you luck with the case. And Helen Blanton Allen, you need to fix your math. He owes her the money back. New York child support is the worse out of all,last year I received a noticed stated I owned an additional 1, Why do they charge interest?????? Thought the money was to raise a minor child? Its not a credit card. Because once the government becomes involved, there comes a separate entity or company that has to mediate, if you will, or manage and enforce those payments.

That costs money. A third party is now involved. That third party has to be paid for managing your responsibilities. If a person takes on the role of parent to a child, even if the child is not biologically theirs, they remain the parent unless they or the state terminate their parental rights. So, if you were in the role of parent before the divorce, you still retain the rights and obligations of a parent. Shoulder your obligations and exercise your rights. Do your best to be there for the child, however difficult the relationship with the ex.

Believe me, your being there for the child means more to that child than you will ever know. First mistake is paying in cash. All of his payments should be in check or a money order and he should keep very clear records on what he is contributing. If she files for support, he has record that he has contributed which should work in his favor of not having to pay back support.

These are not gifts, they are support. After lets say the child turns 18 years and finally convinces the mother to go after the CS. How is that FAIR on any father? A Father that knows he has had a child should be expected to pay CS but a father that has no documented proof or knowledge of the event occurring beside banging some chick ages ago. The way i see it is if the Parent of the child wanting to collect CS does not notify by any means documented that the father had a child then that father does not have to pay. Maybe a revised payment or direct to the children.

The whole, why does the custodial parent get arrears and not the child or why, now that I have custody, do I still own arrears is stupid. Look at it this way: You own money to X to pay your part of bill Y. She pays bill Y with her own money. If the state pays your part to her on your behalf, you owe arrears to the State. My son has been paying back child support for years. She claimed my son was the father. To make a long story short. My son went down to the Child Support Division in Victoria, Texas and they gave him a print out showing he had paid the amount ordered in full. It showed he was not in arrears. How does he get this stopped? He paid her every cent that he was ordered to pay and now he has to pay more?

His daughter is dead. When I went to the funeral, I noticed that his daughter did not look anything like my son. How does my son get this stopped? First of all, your son should have gotten a DNA test. To not get one is irresponsible. Which adds up. Sounds like your son needs to go to court and get a DNA test on her. Find her hair in a brush or something. This is better than reality t. Arrears are the result of falling behind on current child support orders due. Like with any loan or line of credit, if you fall behind there will be penalties and interest.

If you want to avoid paying off the debt until the day you retire, stay current on the existing child support orders. Now ,not all women support their dealer boyfriend or alcohol or whatever you were saying ,sometimes A woman works two jobs and struggles to support their child by themselves with no help but only A prayer every day. Sometimes a MAN — a real man ,comes into their life and helps provide and loves and gives of time and self for children that are not biologically his but by doing so they become emotionally his forever. And if the guy would just stop running and acknowledge that he no parent and never was it could all be over. How do I stop the interest accumulating on Child Support Arrears? I am making payments but and still getting farther behind. I have paid child support for roughly 14 years and I got behind at one point due to circumstances beyond my control, which was roughly around year 6 or 7.

I was behind 2, but the total ended up being 4, So I am not surprised that there is little compassion for the non-custodial parent!!!!! I have to say every situation is different. As a woman I can see the system is broken. I have two different perspectives. My dad left my mother in the worst possible situation. He had been cheating. We lived in TX. My mother was in a bad accident and got a settlement and used the money to put him through school. He finished school while she worked as well, and all said and done they decided to move to California where he could get a better job.

His elaborate plan included going to CA first to secure said job and housing, at which time he would send for us. Finally he called my mother and told her he was set with a great job and house. Sell everything they rented in TX so clothes, furniture, etc. We would be getting all new things. Send him the money and he will send plane tickets. Which she did and while she was waiting for the plane tickets he was clearing the accounts. Leaving my mom, brother and I virtually homeless and moneyless. Locating him in a different state was a challenge and it took years for her to get a divorce and child support order as one attorney general contacted another.

He should be made to pay. No doubt we struggled. We were poor. Very poor, my entire childhood, but we survived and I am stronger for it. My brother and I are both adults and the courts contacted my mom about settling the thousands and thousands owed in support. Which she did and good for her. My husband had a child with a girlfriend before we knew each other when he was He quit school to support his new family. Worked several jobs at once, and bought a house, two cars, and fully supported his girlfriend and child, so she could stay home with the baby. He worked his rear off for both of them and was only home to sleep. When he started moving up at one job he was able to leave the other and could be home more. During this time he realized that his girlfriend was not exactly maturing into her role as a mother.

She often dropped off the child with grandma and partied and was spending more time and money running the roads than playing house wife. This led to arguing and an eventual breakup when the kiddo was 3 years old. Now we were friends during this time and let me tell you, I would not, especially considering my past experience be friends or ever dream of getting involved with a deadbeat dad. He bought clothes, toys, food, paid for daycare as well so she could find work. She of course started using the kid as a tool for what she wanted and even admitted to using the money for pot. She went the attorney general when the child was 5 and was able to get back pay to birth with interest. Huge back pay. To make matters worse she would often disappear with the kid or move unannounced.

He still paid until he got into a massive car accident with an uninsured drunk driver and lost his job. It took a lot of time for him to get back on his feet and he had to change his line of work due to injuries. Where was our support. We had two kids, but we were married so, in it together for better or worse right… Not that he was making millions as it was, but was he a deadbeat to me and our kids?

Hell no, of course not. Was he to her and her son? Fast forward to now. We have 2 elementary age children together and he is still diligently paying back pay on an 18 year old. My income tax return which helps us support our 2 children goes to her for one that is grown. She also has 2 other children with another man who she never married and was supported by welfare and then married a 3rd man.

Living nicely, collecting support from 2 different dads and married to another man. My point? Custody and support is not a one size fits all and it really should not be treated that way. Not all men that owe are deadbeats. Not all mothers have the best interest of the child. I honestly believe if someone has to prove support, the other party should have to provide receipts for the spending.

The government should get out of it. I had kids, I can support them. Some men are men some are snakes. Some women are women some are snakes. Do your best to pick a partner. Government get out of the equation. Agree, some men and men and take care of there responsibility pay for the deadbeat dads. We have women that fight for there children and make it and the other use the government and the child to have an easy life. Shelter, food, clothing, etc. This was my case. When the child becomes an adult and the non-custodial parent pays back child support and arrears:. Child support and arrears are only seen as punishment and torture to men who choose not to provide for their children.

My children father owes me 34, in arrears. He only pays How can i get it raised. He is on disability. I do not know if its SSi or what. Kids are grown. He never worked a job.. If the man is on disability, why would you want it raised. It is just a messed up situation. The dude will never pay it off. How ccan i geet it raised. I had my children late in my life, I was already in my early fifties when the youngest was born.

I am now in my early sixties and my youngest is in her early teens. By the time she is 22 years of age I will be in my early seventies. When I ride my Harley that I had to give up when we married to this horror of a human beings house to see my teenage daughter and she climbs on the back of the bike to go get some ice cream. I just cant stop smiling!!!

Realizing that I will most likely die of old age before she sees all of the arrears money, its all I can do from laughing out loud. It would be so nice to have one, just one, online discussion without someone throwing their personal political opinions into the mix. What Obama has to do with this conversation, I do not know. I am a dad myself. My EX and I divorced after five years of marriage, a divorce she wanted. At the time of divorce, we had two children. When we split, I had remained in the home with our kids.

She temporarily moved in with her parents. At the time I was pending a SSD decision for disability. Later, I lost the home having no way to pay with the I needed someone to watch my kids while i talked to an attorney so took them to my parents for the day. They had just moved the month prior. When I arrived to pick them up and head back home the police where there. I however had never prevented her from seeing the kids at any time and they never were in danger! My only request was that she visit our kids in their current home, with supervision, until a court had made judgment. In the meantime, I was looking into hiring legal counsel.

LIke I said, The police showed up at my parents while I was gone and took our children in as wards of the state. They may have arrested me if it were not for a neighboring relative. I was in his vehicle at the time coming from seeing a lawyer myself! I slammed the lock home on the door of the car when the officer reached for the latch stating that he was only trying to help me!

The simple fact was that my EX had beat me to the punch and used a dirty trick to get immediate temporary custody of our children. My ex had used deceptive suppositions and blatant lies to have the children taken in as emergency wards. They police left with my mom and my kids, thankfully no charges were ever attached. A few weeks later, EX was awarded primary custody. My attorney had just moved to Utah and had just happened. The judge was forced to deliberate without hearing the rest of my testimony and supporting evidence. I tried to keep the home, The ex filed a quit claim, but I had to let it go to auction and ended up moving in with my own parents.

Several years later, i was awarded full Disability, yet I kept being billed every month for child support from the state. I tried to get social security to look into getting my children the entitlements for dependants, but they told me that was something my EX had to ask for. Then, about 8 years later I got a notice in the mail that I would no longer have to pay child support as the children were now receiving SSD child entitlements. I can only supposition that in her mind, she was trying to make me suffer, but someone must have shown her her folly.

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