Joyful Joints Research Paper

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Joyful Joints Research Paper

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Joyful Joints by Vital Alchemy

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From a bible perspective, the practice of Yoga is simply not in conformance with what your prophet or god wants. Even the so-called spiritual concept of yoga that you attempt to distinguish is in direct contradiction what is the minimum requirement for you to be a christian i. By trying to take safe harbor in the so-call spiritual side, you are essentially marketing a false promise to christian adherents and at the same time leaving yourself open to accusations from dharmic adherents. What do you hope to achieve with this? Thank you for such a thoughtful response. Most of my responses here have been towards Indians who take a very dogmatic approach to Hinduism and believe that Westerners are being disrespectful of their religion or culture if they practice yoga without being a Hindu, or specifically, they seem very upset if someone writes a history on yoga without mentioning their religion.

I stand by my assertion that yoga and Hinduism are separate but related. I agree with your statement that it is difficult to know exactly where yoga ends and Hinduism begins—but this does not equate to them being the same. They emerged and evolved together in the same culture so it makes perfect sense that they share some philosophical ideas. From my decades of study, research and practice of yoga I have not seen, heard or read anything that says one must practice Hinduism to be a yogi.

I am confused as to why you are trying to make this a religious issue. Spirituality is plagiarized version of religion. You want to enjoy all the good part of different religion but avoid certain restrictive and controversial part of a religion. It is like marriage with one person and open relationship with multiple person. If you are not happy with your marriage either you resolve your differences with your partner or break it. But some amoral people choose to CHEAT on their partner or some weak people get scared of marriage that they start believing in open relationship.

Now people ask where is the proof of the god. People in west also want peace of mind but cannot get it in their abrahamic or atheistic beliefs. So they turn toward dharmic religion and find peace in it. In the name of spirituality you can appropriate dharmic religion the way you want like west has created Christine yoga,holy yoga. Hinduism was born when rig veda was conceptualized. At that time there were no abrahamic religion or other religion. Religion is a western concept. Hindus were ruled by muslim for years and by christinity for years. Hinduism became religion in those years of enslavement earlier it was just a way of life. Hindus have understood that we have to keep exerting our identity for survival.

Hindus do not believe in converting people. But we do believe in acknowledgement of teachers. Lord shiva is the first yogi. If you do not show gratitude to lord shiva you are not a yogi. You are stuck outside in rain.. I have 10 room in my house. You cannot separate room 3 from my house. Some one following samkhya is also hindu,yoga is also hindu,Vedanta is also hindu. How do you separate Hinduism from yoga I can not understand.

Buddism is separate because it has a founder,its different book,lineage of guru. Yoga has non of that. You also talk about nationalist Hindus and not knowing their agenda. Read a book called Invading the Sacred. Hi Varun, I think we just need to agree to disagree about your idea that yoga cannot be practiced separately from Hinduism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy yoga very much and I feel I have benefited from it in 2 ways: 1. Now: with that said, I must admit that my reading of the comments on this; so called forum came to an abrupt halt after reading the comments from varun. Those comments made more sense than anything I had read regarding the subject of yoga so I am stopping here to let those comments sink into my mind.

Thank you varun! This is right. That is the ineluctable fact here. In taking a second to humbly qualify myself—I am a Westerner, but I am a Yogacharya, a vedantin brahmacharya, and an M. So, I guess you could say I know a bit about the academic as well as spiritual side of yoga. That being said, although there are many ways to practice Yoga, they are absolutely devotional paths in nature. If you even take, say, Surya Namaskar, it is the embodiment of the Gayatri mantra, which was originally chanted times. But back to the roots: The Upanishads mention yoga, the Rig Veda are some of the earliest speculations of proto-Yoga. Lord Krishna outlines what Yoga exactly is, and it is about the highest moral and religious ideal.

The Bhagavad Gita can be interpreted as Vaishnavic or Advaitic and both of those are—you guessed it—religious philosophies. Yoga is the practical application of ancient-Indo-Aryan religion. People mistakenly think that the Yoga Sutras are the definitive text on Yoga and they are not. Its realy very astonished talk ; yoga is too old and contain in present and future all quality within. Rabi, thank you! To say that yoga is not equal to hinduism is such a stupid statement. Read shiva samhita which is the most important test on hatha yoga.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika another one,in both these book shiva is considered as the first yogi, both pay respect to shiva for teaching hatha yoga to humans. In ancient india yoga in physical form was mostly done by hardcore shiva devotee. ONLY hindu religious text ask to do yoga. Yoga sutra of patanjali is also hindu religious text. These are all hindu religious text,so each and every word written in it belong to hindu religion.

Hatha yoga is given to us by shiva and yoga as a way of life is given to us by Krishna in bhagavad gita. Kalaripayattu an ancient martial art form which originated in india similarly game of chess,sports of kabaddi also originated in india these activities are also good for health but hindu never say that these belongs to hindu religion because they are not mention in our religious text. Problem is that there are so many fake yogis who do not care about yoga but want to sell it to westerners. They want to earn name and fame from yoga,earn money from yoga,create a cult around them or they have negative prejudice against hindu religion so they are trying to distort the history of yoga.

One can not wake up a person pretending to be asleep. All form of positive emotion comes from one single source i. If you continue to be disrespectful you will be banned from leaving comments here. Yogis view Shiva and other Hindu gods as mythical beings who symbolize and personify facets of higher truth. Only a Hindu would view Shiva as a literal god in the yogic texts you referenced. From Wikipedia: Hinduism is a fusion or synthesis of various Indian cultures and traditions.

Hinduism includes a diversity of ideas on spirituality and traditions, but has no ecclesiastical order, no unquestionable religious authorities, no governing body, no prophet s nor any binding holy book; Hindus can choose to be polytheistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, monistic, agnostic, atheistic or humanist. Hinduism emerged after the Vedic period, between BCE and c. You have the patience of an enlightened monk in dealing with the overreacters of the internet… a true testament to the benefits of yoga. I am curious to know when you wrote this article. I am planning to use this as a reference for the paper I am writing and would love to know the date so I can properly cite you. Thank you for your article, you have written it very well.

It is clear and precise, yet makes you aware that the history of yoga is still very much uncertain. I am just starting out on my yoga journey and I have a lot to learn. I was the only Westerner in the class and could not speak any VIetnamese, yet I felt welcomed and connected to everyone in my class. Based on the comments below and the little knowledge I have, it appears that although the history of yoga is VERY important it is not the most important thing. The most important aspect of yoga is being united your mind, body and those around you regardless of religion, race and culture.

We are all the same person and should be helping one another to seek both inner and world peace. Yoga is started from very ancient time that you assumed. Rishi of Vedas were Aryans of middle Asia actually there were not rishi. They were just invaders and fighters They came to Indus river and defeated the residents. Who is called yogeshwara because he developed yoga. Then a high level of yoga meditation and and physical balancing found in parsvanatha.

Who is not bhrahmin but a Dravidian shraman.. Then we find same level of yoga in mahavira and Buddha. Then after years of mahavira and Buddha we found a book on yoga composed by patanjali But such yogas not found in Vedas So we can say that patanjali took idea of that from ancient shramans. Because in Vedas no bhrahmin required to do yogas but required to do animal sacrifice and bathing in holy water and playing illogical rituals Then how they can originated the yoga Which required a strict vegetarianism but Vedic bhrahmins were not. Yes , shraman was father of yoga You can say that Shiva and rishabha was founder of yoga not Vedic rishis.

Hi Divyank, it is interesting thoughts what you have said about the source of yoga from Dravidians, which is differ from the Vedic Aryans of Central Asia. I am interested to know more about it,, can you refer to me any article or sources. Dear Timothy, Very glad to read the content in your website. Reading healthy discussion between You and Rabi was an experience! However, I agree with Rabi, I appreciate your respectful conduct. I appreciate your patience for some other feedbacks with disrspectful utterances. Hinduism and Yoga are so deeply interwoven, that it would not be appropriate to separate the both from each-other just to keep yourself safe from being considered as the Pro-Hindu! Doing this will lead us to the destination which is not to be aimed by a Yogi or a Yoga learner.

Do good and be good is what all religions teach. But no Yogi would mind if you wish to practice Yoga, keeping yourself detached with Hinduism as well! Hinduism does not teach to fight for the yourself. It rather teaches to fight for others, for what is right and for the helpless! I am not answering to anybody, nor I wish to claim any body wrong. I am still a lost mind, wandering in search of the ultimate truth and the way is still misty!! I just appreciate those who are far ahead in this journey of quest of life, at least than me and wish you may find the way to show it to others!

Thank you Timothy for sharing such practical information about Yoga in general. Regardless the information may or may not be complete. And made possible for seeker of Truth to experience that ultimate reality of our innermost essence. This deed in itself is a practice of Yoga. Personally I believe any effort with the intention to try bring Yoga back to its proper perspective is much needed in this era of material ignorance. It is said that Jnana, Bhakti, Yoga Raja and Karma; any one or any combination of these 4 paths if practice with the aim of self-realization will lead to the same place. Reality, Truth or God. In my opinion, those are true Yogis who are seriously to prove it.

I would also love permission to use this brief history as a handout for my teacher trainees. Your work will of course, be sourced. Thank you so much. Your history of Yoga write-up is a great effort in clearing the air on its origins. As far as I can fathom, yoga does not have a belief in external God. Reference the various discussions here about relationship between Hinduism and Yoga: Hinduism can be called a collaborative religion or a way of life. Even now in parts of India eg Himachal , every town and village has its own god.

During certain festivals, a procession from every town carries their individual gods to a common meeting point. Then all the congregated people from all across pray to all the collected gods. I strongly believe that India Hindus has so many gods because we believe in ours as well as respect and believe in others gods too. More so, we even believe and accept the atheists too. I have credited the origins of yoga to the Indus-Saraswati civilization which both yoga and Hinduism emerged from. Hinduism is a term invented by the British to describe the various religious practices of Indians at the time of colonization. I was so happy to find this page to know about history of yoga. You need to spend time as it should be…. Om Namah Shivaya…. Satyam Shivam Sundaram…meanShiva is the truthshiva is the supremeshiva is the most beautiful ….

I do not like the divine practise as yoga has been reduced by so many to commercial businne and I do not like that nobody mention Lord Krishna the father of all yoga practice I do nolike it is by many confused as a pactice of hinduism No where will find Vedas or Mahabarat the verb hindu JeiSri Krishna. The current version dates back to Nov 26, , but the original version of this article would have been published sometime in Will you please direct me to that info? Thank you and many blessings to all. The prehistoric origins of yoga that you hint at are found in archaeological evidence of various meditation postures and allusions to prana.

Aspects of tantra yoga, karma yoga and asthanga yoga developed further during the Vedanta age, as well as in Buddhism and Jainism. What you failed to mention completely, is the heavy influence of Western gymnastics and proto-aerobics on Yoga in the 19th century. A very influencial wave of fitness, which incorporated stretching, dance and gymnastics developed in Scandinavia in the mid 19th century was brought to India by the many Western colonists.

Much evidence exists of how this not only influenced, but more or less created what we call Yoga today. Glad every one here is fighting, arguing and claiming Yoga. Want to laugh out loud at so called teachers and researchers of yoga. Hinduisam is not a religion but a way of living and strength of this way of living is its ability to respond to changing circumstances, acceptance of new ideas and changing accordingly. Originally all man kind had been non-vegetarian, even Hindus had been non-vegetarians. Except for Brahmins whom Timonthy has mentioned in the beginning — used to practice yoga. Cow worshipping began in the later stages of evolution of Hinduism. So many good things in Hinduism have evolved in later stages because this religion is based on science and has tept evolving with new findings and discoveries.

Yoga teaches and rests in the priciple that power lies inside us we need to identify and awaken it same does says Hinutva. Krishna in The Bhgavad Geeta says I am every where, in smallest particle of soil and hugest of the living beings. Hence I hope I have made my point here and have presented a few of evidences. Since I am grown up with Yoga around me in midst of people believing in Hindisim and people not believing in some of its teachings even being Hindu.

For those who want to know more about Yoga, there can be no place better than India to learn about it, you will find it every where in our culture some times fully some times in parts. And rather than reading people who have picked some knowledge from secondary research, read about people like Maharishi Patanjali who compiled Yoga sutras and dedicated his entire life for good of mankind. I see you mentioned you grew around yoga. What I am really tired to see how commercial yoga has become in India. Anyway, can you please suggest me a good master or a school I could go to and devote myself to yoga and meditation. I would like to learn authentically rather than learning hurriedly in a span of 15 days or one month.

Thanks for a great article outlining the basics of the history of yoga. I found many of the comments below quite intense and I applaud your replies to each of these. I too have researched the history of yoga, although in one lifetime I doubt I would have even touched the surface. I get that some people are a little peed off. What I think we can all respect is that yoga has been a part of Hindu practice for a very long time. It was the ancestors of hindus we know today, the people who modern Hindus actually do see as fellow Hindus. I have many Hindu friends from India who are all yoga teachers we are from Sivananda and we are all one.

We are all one. This, to me, is yoga. I do however, question that the Sutras were compiled in the 2nd century though? Is the CE? My belief was always they were compiled somewhere between 4th — 2nd BCE. I teach History of Yoga so this is important to me :. I just wanted to respectfully point out that samadhi is not the same thing as enlightenment. This is a common mistake and has been written about extensively in Yoga Philosophy. One of the better essays on it is by Michael Comans, PhD. No where is it said that the goal of yoga is samadhi.

The goal of yoga is much higher than that and is laid out in the shruti. Everyone taking benefit of yoga in turn nobody render any service to this great tradition. Few of you may be aware that there are hundreds of yoga manuscripts at least are available unpublished. Just askin. Wonderful article. I did not lnow all the details of Yoga History. Very spiritual process. Odd and disappointing. The Rig Vedas are the religious texts of the Hindus. So is the holy Bhagavad Gita. The word Hinduism is not mentioned here because: 1. This is the history of yoga, not Hinduism.

Yoga and Hinduism are two separate traditions. Nor can it be traced to the classical Indian languages, such as Sanskrit or Tamil. Yoga is included in those practices and beliefs. The texts, rituals, and mantras you site in the history of yoga are the same texts, rituals, and mantras that embody Hinduism. You are focused on semantics. Yes, the word Hindu came later as a way to define the culture, religion, geographical region, etc.

They are people, Timothy. They are people who want their culture respected rather than disregarded. You could have even given credit to the fact that yoga has been practiced in the Hindu tradition and grew out of the same history as Hinduism. That would have at least acknowledged Hinduism without letting go of the separatism you are clinging so hard to.

It is a historical predecessor of modern Hinduism, though significantly different from it. You and others complaining about this issue have intentionally blurred the history and use of the word Hinduism. For what end you and others are doing this I am unsure, but it would be naive to disregard the current popularity of Indian nationalism as a motivation. If you look through our website it should be clear that we consistently and passionately respect the origins and history of yoga and take extreme care to not promote cultural appropriation and superficiality.

Why do you need to try to taint my character as insensitive, disrespectful and uncaring to make your argument? I have yet to see anyone provide a source even an unreliable one to discredit the notion that yoga and Hinduism are two separate traditions and that yoga emerged from Vedic philosophy. You want sources to discredit the notion that yoga and Hinduism are two separate traditions. Bhagavad gita which is a hindu text ask us to do yoga. Read shiva samhita which is the most important on hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga Pradipika another book in both these book shiva is considered as the first yogi.

Do you know what surya namaskar mean. On the contrary can you name one yogic text which originated separately from Hinduism. You are missing the point and what you listed are not sources that support arguments or facts. Do all Hindus practice yoga? No, therefore your argument is a fallacy. If you had read the article you would have seen that my point that yoga and Hinduism developed at the same time and ideas were intermingled. Great read. Warm regards — Elise Greig. The current version dates back to Nov 26, , but the original version of this article would have been published sometime in or Hi Friend, I was intrigued by the thread of discussion on whether Yoga is part of Hinduism or not.

To me it is meaningless discussion. When Jesus arrived at Bethlehem, he did not arrive to preach Christianity, rather he arrived to teach universal knowledge, which is acceptable to everyone. It was later codified as Bible years later at Constantinople. Similarly when Patanjali composed Yoga, it will be wrong to say that he did it for the sake of Hinduism. Because the term religion did not exist during his time. Later when Hinduism was codified, Yoga was indeed incorporated as one of the six pillars of Hinduism the other five pillars are Samkhya, Vaisesikha, Nyaya, Mimamsa and Vedanta.

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