Why I Love Golden Corral?

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Why I Love Golden Corral?

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My Mom Love Golden Corral

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Just like a fancy holiday brunch, only not just offered at brunch time and, well, not quite so fancy. And no mimosas or bloody marys. Still, the all-you-can-eat aspect of the new Golden Corral was quick to catch on, despite the lack of booze. The year began with the temporary closure of a Tampa restaurant due to a huge cockroach infestation , numerous food temperature violations, and employees who did not wash their hands. Then, in July, an employee at the Port Orange, Florida restaurant posted a vomit-inducing video that quickly went viral on YouTube. This video showed trays of uncooked burgers and ribs stacked out back by the dumpsters. The employee claimed in a second video that the food was hidden there from visiting health inspectors, but would be returned to the kitchen and cooked as soon as the inspectors left.

GC management and corporate office stepped in to do some quick damage control, saying the food was never served to customers, but the jury remains out as to just how plausible their denials were. As if that video wasn't bad enough, that same month photos surfaced on Reddit posted by another Golden Corral employee of the "best working conditions ever," an absolutely filthy restaurant kitchen. There may not have been as many disgusting claims as of late, but those were likely enough for most customers to remember. If the germs don't get you, the other patrons just might. When dining at Golden Corral, you'd better keep an eye out for flying fists, food, and cutlery. Buffet-line brawls may not be quite as prevalent as the ones held at Walmart every Black Friday, but there have been more than a few occasions where GC patrons have been ready to rumble.

A Louisville Golden Corral parking lot was the scene of a scuffle where a stabbing occurred. More recently, two huge fights made headlines in March of — a reported person battle royale inside a Brooklyn, Ohio Golden Corral, and possible a person rumble at a Syracuse, New York location. Golden Corral? More like the O. Better bring your brass knuckles. The Chocolate Wonderfall may be extremely popular with many Golden Corral patrons particularly those under three feet tall , but others remain dubious and still others are, frankly, grossed out by the whole idea.

While Golden Corral provides items for dipping such as fruit, marshmallows and cookies, some people get a little more experimental with their dipping, such as one guy who decided to see what chocolate-covered chicken would taste like. Not great, it turns out. But what's worse, far worse , are all of the shocking tales of people who insert fingers, whole possibly unwashed! The horror! When Golden Corral first introduced its Wonderfall in , it did so with a massive PR blitz, even calling it the "8th Wonder of the World.

Maybe recycling possibly contaminated chocolate isn't as cool as it used to be? Even if you steer clear of Golden Corral's cheap starches and questionable pizza and head straight for the meat, you're still probably not going to get any real high-quality stuff. Okay, so it's a budget buffet, we're not really expecting Wagyu beef here. But would some actual protein be too much to ask for? Uh, yeah, seems like it would, at least if you'd like your protein unaccompanied by a heaping helping of fat. One intrepid nutritionist ventured into Golden Corral's nutrition data , and while the chain doesn't currently provide calories from fat on their nutritional information, according to Heather Blanchette , RD, LD, in , what she found was, shockingly, no bueno. Her analysis found a single slice of Golden Corral's popular meatloaf to be 45 percent fat.

The beef brisket was even worse, coming in at 63 percent fat. Likewise, you should probably also skip the prime rib if it's low-fat meat you're looking for — but then, if you're into making healthy eating choices, Golden Corral's really never going to be your kind of place anyway. While there are some who claim "there is no such thing as bad pizza," anyone who makes this claim has obviously never eaten the pizza at Golden Corral.

Bad, it most definitely is. As to whether it's actually pizza — well, it resembles the dish, and is labeled as such, but by some accounts it is the one pizza that makes even those long-forgotten tomato soup-topped English muffin monstrosities seem almost edible by comparison. So how bad is Golden Corral's attempt at pizza? MassLive ' s reviewer compared it to something eaten at an elementary school in the late '90s, while the Syracuse Post-Standard claimed it tasted like a frozen, then re-warmed slice of Little Caesar's not-so-finest.

A Pissed Consumer reviewer from Morristown, New Jersey pulled no punches, calling Golden Corral pizza soggy and doughy, and mentioning that numerous fellow diners left unfinished pizza on their plates to be thrown away. Other diners in Charlotte, North Carolina weren't so lucky, as the pizza they consumed caused them severe pain and vomiting and an urge to post their plight to IWasPoisoned.

Yeah, the best advice we can give in regards to Golden Corral's pizza is to echo the sentiments of the Syracuse reviewers who advised, simply, "Skip it. Golden Corral's commercials tend to focus on their big ticket items, showing tables full of manly men and just a few women digging in to all-you-can eat ribs , sirloin, and smoked brisket. How can they possibly make any money if they are really encouraging you to fill your face with meat, meat, and more meat? Trickery , that's how. Like many buffets, the high-end items often tend to be served in smaller portions, and you may have to wait in line a while for cooked-to-order menu items like steak. Another trick Golden Corral might be using is to position heaping platters of cheap, starchy items such as rice, potatoes, and pasta toward the beginning of the buffet line, with smaller platters of the pricier specialties being less accessible.

They may also play on the mindset that nobody wants to take the last piece on the plate — think about it, how many times have you gone through GC's buffet line only to find there's always just one piece of fried chicken left on that platter? Bad luck, coincidence, or deliberate strategy? Also, take a look at the utensils. Chances are, the scoop for the mashed potatoes might resemble a small backhoe, while serving tongs for the pork chops may possibly pass for tweezers. While Golden Corral's advertising tends to highlight newer and fancier offerings such as the in-house smoked meats and the lobster tail upgrade, it turns out that the most popular menu items are a little more basic.

In fact, Golden Corral's chart-toppers could best be described as old-fashioned all-American comfort food. The Food Network reports that three menu items emerged in a tie for first place: fried chicken, which has been on the menu since the buffet first opened , pot roast said to be simmered for 12 full hours , and good old meatloaf. A report by MSN confirms the popularity of the meatloaf, putting it slightly ahead of the chicken and pot roast.

The MSN report does, however, still have the meatloaf coming in tied with another menu item — this time a slightly more exotic entrant from the dessert side of the buffet: the fondue fountain known as the Chocolate Wonderfall. Say what? Golden Corral fat shaming? Isn't that the last place in the world that should have anything to say on the subject of body weight? After all, they lay out an endless food supply consisting of about a bazillion trillion categories and then invite anyone with the price of admission to eat until their coronary arteries scream in surrender.

And yet, a woman in Erie, Pennsylvania was kicked out of her local Golden Corral due to either violating a non-existent dress code, or, as she suspects, daring to dress sexy while overweight. She was wearing a crop top and shorts, but had seen people in the same Golden Corral wearing skimpier clothing, so was shocked when a manager told her she was dressed "too provocatively" and would have to leave. As she later posted on Facebook , she felt she'd been called out "because I'm not thin so it's not considered sexy. If you want to open a Golden Corral franchise , it'll run you some serious bucks. What they don't disclose is just how "not well" you might end up doing.

Former franchisee Sherrance Henderson , who accepted a franchise deal on a Golden Corral location in Poughkeepsie, New York after being turned down for her first choice location in Newark, New Jersey, experienced what she described as a lack of support and even harassment and threats from a Golden Corral executive. She ended up losing the franchise, along with her entire investment, after just 51 days. The ick factor is understandably higher when it comes to what we eat.

That is, provided the company acts quickly and decisively. So long as the affected chain fires the employees responsible for the embarrassment, issues an apology, and describe how the incident was isolated and not reflective of their standards and practices, most fans of the brand seem willing to keep frequenting the restaurant. On the flip side, people who like the brand generally find ways to explain away the licking, slurping or whatever other gross behavior took place. The one thing a company should not to, according to consultants, is try to ignore the problem. Send to Kindle.

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