Jim Steranko Research Paper

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Jim Steranko Research Paper

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Jim Steranko - A Personal Statement

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Spon and Chamberlain Sponsored Comics Inc. Spontaneous Ent. Spotlight Publishing Co. Aloysius College St. Anthony Messenger Press St. Eve Productions St. Francis Studio St. John St. Steranko also formed his own publishing company, Supergraphics, in , and the following year worked with writer-entrepreneur Byron Preiss on an anti-drug comic book, The Block , distributed to elementary schools nationwide. Written by Steranko, with hundreds of black-and-white cover reproductions as well as a complete reprint of one The Spirit story by Will Eisner , it included some of the first and in some cases only interviews with numerous creators from the s and s Golden Age of Comic Books. Supergraphics projects included the proposed Talon the Timeless , illustrations of which appeared in a portfolio published in witzend magazine 5, [47] and a pinup girl calendar, "The Supergirls", consisting of 12 illustrations of sexy superheroines in costumes recalling such superheroes as Captain America and Green Lantern.

It evolved in stages into Mediascene beginning with issue 7, Dec. Aside from occasional covers and pinup illustrations, he has rarely worked in comics since, although he did illustrate a serialized comics adaptation of the Peter Hyams sci-fi thriller Outland for Heavy Metal magazine. For the movie industry, Steranko has done sketches for movie posters, [57] and was a conceptual artist on Steven Spielberg 's Raiders of the Lost Ark , doing production designs for the film and designing the character of Indiana Jones. He has "amassed an enormous portfolio of more than sixty projects which he called the 'Theater of Concepts' designed to be seen in multimedia form".

In a joint venture with Marvel Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors , Vanguard Productions in sponsored Steranko's "The Spirit of America" benefit print, [62] created to fund an art scholarship "for victims of anti-American terrorism". Steranko has won awards in fields as varied as magic, comics and graphic design. A partial list includes:. Steranko's work has been exhibited internationally in more than shows. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American artist. The Steranko History of Comics was originally conceived as a six volume set. Main article: Jim Steranko bibliography. Steranko, Reading, PA, 72 years old".

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Then I topped that by having the girls do a discreet strip routine. Two years later, the go-go girl craze swept America". Archived from the original on December 17, The Drawings of Steranko. Archived from the original on February 2, October Alter Ego The Linking Ring. Archived November 5, It's bogus! I had no comics portfolio in or, for that matter, ever afterward. All he truly recalls now is Jim coming up to the Marvel offices in [emphasis in original source] with Secret Agent X [artwork for an animated TV series he had pitched elsewhere]. David Spurlock claims Steranko had dealt only with receptionist Flo Steinberg , never did the sample-pages inking, and was supposedly given his choice of drawing any comic in Marvel's line.

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