Writing: Writing On Paper Is Bad For The Environment

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Writing: Writing On Paper Is Bad For The Environment

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Environmental Writing

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National parks and open spaces throughout the world are great for replenishment of soul and body. Sudden and unanticipated events like political upheaval, terrorism, natural disasters and adverse weather conditions causes a havoc on any region. It badly impacts inbound tourism for a significant period of time. To build airports, hotels, pubs etc. Due to absence of trees and forests, animals and birds lose their shelter too. The extent of destruction caused to the environment determines the time for its recovery.

Another big disadvantage of tourism on environment is seen in the form of depletion of natural resources. One of the most important sources of living, i. This is because tourism results in overuse of water. A simple golf course uses around 60, rural villagers, kgs of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers every year. Around one billion people in the world engage in tourism every year. By the next year, this figure will increase by sixty percentage. Tourism exerts pressure on natural resources by way of over-consumption.

It is mostly seen in areas where resources are scarce. Throwing paper, bottles, food and other items into the water cause water pollution. Due to increased use of vehicles, air pollution is also caused. The natural ecological system is disturbed. Transformation of beaches into tourism destinations and depletion of homes for construction destroys and eliminates these habitats. Such type of commercialization of land fails to provide any genuine travel experience and authentic social benefit to people. It only leads to depletion of natural resources, waste issues, and pollution.

In addition to the other destructive impacts of tourism on the country, it also leads to huge stress on the use of local land. Tourism cause soil erosion, loss of natural habitat, increased pollution, and stress on threatened species. All these impacts destroy environmental resources that forms the basis of tourism. Tourism industry contributes to around five percentage of greenhouse gas emission all over the world. This along with transportation accounts to 90 percent of the emission. Looking at the positive impact of this type of tourism, the entire world is looking forward to it. Eco-tourism is rapidly flourishing industry, that offer benefits for the economies of tourist places as well as safeguards the environment.

Search Categories. Society Technology These have curved a trend that is to reduce water use, clear-cutting, fossil fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions among others to reduce the impacts on air pollution and water supplies. Deforestation has become a major problem, both in developing and developed areas. Of the emissions from different industries, pulp and paper industries have a significant effect on the environment. They produce nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and carbon dioxide. Nitrogen and sulfur dioxides are all key contributors in acid rain while carbon dioxide is to blame for climate change being a greenhouse gas. Pulp and paper mills are sources of nutrients, solids and dissolved matter like lignin in wastewater discharges.

There are other agents like alcohol or inorganic materials such as chlorates. These go ahead to pollute the rivers and lakes that they are released into. Besides, pulp and paper mills also contribute to water, land and air pollution. All rights reserved. Created by Media Engineering. Pension in Zandvoort. Appartement met 1 slaapkamer Comfort studio Budget tweepersoonskamer 2 aparte bedden Comfort Tweepersoonskamer met 2 Bedden Studio with a View Family room with external bathroom Budget studio Basic twee persoonskamer. Pension Schier Social Media. Vraag je reservering aan! Created by. Appartement met 1 slaapkamer. Comfort studio. Budget tweepersoonskamer 2 aparte bedden. Comfort Tweepersoonskamer met 2 Bedden.

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