Italian Culture Essay

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Italian Culture Essay

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What Makes Italy Different From Other Countries Like the United States and Canada? - Italian Culture

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As for inheritance, both male and female members of the family are regarded equally. Traditionally, there was a strict gendered role division in Italian society, which has changed in modern times. Nevertheless, the family is still the basic unit of Italian society. In most cases, husbands are viewed to be the heads of their families. The high importance of physical appearance for Italians needs to be acknowledged.

Dressing style, body stature, and personal hygiene are usually taken great care of. Italians are very fashion conscious, and to them, to produce the right first impression is crucial. Other than the Catholic Church, Italy is probably only more famous for its arts. Italian tradition is rich in all forms of it — architecture, painting, sculpture, poetry, opera, theater, and many others. The preserved relics of buildings and statues remain to be the highlights of Italian tourism. Many best-known pieces of sculpture were created in the middle ages and were mostly religious. Until the 13th century, written literature in Italy was mostly done in Latin.

Italian works in poetry, theology, and philosophy continue to shape the modern intellectual world. Music writing also started in Italy, which is why the Italian language is used by music teachers to explain how music should be played to this date. A lot of people from all over the world share the opinion that Italian is the most musical language. Although it is a very subjective matter, drawing its judgment from personal tastes, there is a common belief that the Italian language is gentle, melodic, and sounds almost like a song.

There is a scientific explanation to that — the Italian language enjoys using vowels a lot. For instance, almost all Italian words end with a vowel, and frequent use of double consonants is only adding to sample the musical factor. Already in pre-Renaissance times, Italian was considered to be the language of the European culture. During this period, the greatest humanitarians and writers of the time flourished to contribute to the scientific world, traditionally writing them in Latin. Italian was not just the language of science — its recognition as a noble language was achieved through its outstanding works in the musical sphere. The Italian language got its first praises from writers and scholars worldwide as early as the 17th century.

Italian is the official language of the country and is spoken by the majority of citizens. Some dialects are recognized in a few regions, which are sometimes considered to be different languages. Italian food has also gained worldwide fame — arguably more so than any other aspect of Italian culture. Of course, there are specific differences in preparing the food in various regions, but spaghetti, pizza, bread, soup, meat, and vine are common in all areas. The current Italian constitution came into effect on 1st January Italian parliament consists of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The Italian government has three branches: executive, judiciary, and legislature.

The President is elected every seven years and must be less than 50 years old. The prime minister is appointed by the President, whose duty is to form a government. There is no Vice President in Italy, so, if the President dies, elections will have to be held. Writing about Italy is relatively easy and certainly very pleasant. Whether you are writing an Italian culture research paper or a cultural analysis, there is enough material and ideas for Italian essay topics to cover almost any sphere you wish in your culture project. Italian heritage has its deep imprint on every part of the Western culture, including your essay example.

The common associations with Italian culture are art, religion, and food. Italy is the inheritor of the Roman Empire and the homeland of the Catholic Church. It was also the center of the Renaissance, which gave new life to European culture. Italian culture has flourished for centuries, having a significant influence on all aspects of Western culture, politics, and religion. Italy is widely considered to be the cradle of Western civilization.

Through the centuries, Italy and its cultural heritage have affected how science, arts, politics, and religion are practiced in the Western world. One of the first things to associate with Italy and its culture is the famous Italian cuisine. Italian recipes are simple enough, yet they offer great flexibility in the level of intricacy of preparation. In other words, provided the good quality of products, anyone can make pizza or pasta, whether they are a chef or a year-old. Humanism defined the Italian Renaissance, emphasizing the individual worth as opposed to a religious figure or the state.

The sauces are also inexpensive to make when the ingredients are bought on sale. Spaghetti can be made in large quantities without emptying your wallet. This quick recipe will feed a family of 6 with leftovers for ten dollars. For appetizer or main course, chicken and dumpling casserole is one of the most popular choices among adults and kids. You can make different styles of casseroles, but whichever you prefer; it will definitely give you the kind of satisfaction you are aiming for. This savory chicken and dumpling casserole can be one of your favorites. If you love fluffy dumplings with gravy poured into them, then this recipe is a must try. Customers can feel the love put into every bite made, which is why tourists go in flocks to the city.

Also, Rome can be credited for exposing the world to universally known delights such as pizza and pasta. Rome is the place to go for authentic pizza. Legend has it that pizza was created by Roman soldiers who were inspired by Jewish Matzotj in the 18th century. Even to this day, a large proportion of classic pizza parlors in Rome stick to the basic ingredients of tomato sauce accompanied by parsley, focaccia with rosemary paired with sea salt. This will happen not only because of pizza but you are filling your stomach which puts you and other consumers in a good mood regardless of the situation.

Food has a crazy impact on socialization. Pizza is just one type of food that can actually breakdown and describe our society and it truly inspires me, especially since my aspirations are in fact to become a teacher, I feel understanding diversity and unity is crucial to help develop the upcoming leaders of. PALEO plan. Some people prefer eggs daily at breakfast because of its nutritious qualities like protein, iron and vitamins. If you want a twist in egg making technique then try this recipe. It will sure give you complete satisfaction. Home Page Italian Culture. Italian Culture Good Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. It is a culture like no other, full of history, art, and most importantly, their passion for food. Italian food, in my opinion, is the best in the world.

Italians put so much into everything they make that the time and effort is tasted with every single bite. One of my favorite dishes would have to be fettuccini alfredo and it just happens to be a fairly easy, but extremely delicious, dish to make. Trust me, if I can make it, you can make it. The most important part of Italian cooking is the ingredients. Quality makes a huge difference in the outcome of any dish. For fettuccini alfredo you need: one pound of uncooked fettuccini, two cups of finely grated parmesan or romano cheese, one pint of either heavy cream or half and half, one egg yolk and one teaspoon of butter. This will make enough food for four people so keep that in mind when you are shopping for ingredients.

For the best outcome, use heavy cream and the best cheese you can find. These choices make a huge difference with the outcome of the sauce. Using half and half is a good way to cut some calories, but the s Get Access.

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