Steve Irwin Passion For Wild Life

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Steve Irwin Passion For Wild Life

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He spent his life helping the conservation of wildlife and died doing what he loved. Irwin had become a household name by the time of his untimely death at 44 years old. Steve Irwin brings them back to life and feed them, restoring them back to being healthy animals before releasing them back to their natural habitat. Steve changed the world with his extreme conservation efforts and innovative ideas. Wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin became a renowned animal rights protector worldwide, giving sanctuary to displaced animals. The Crocodile Hunter once went over the edge with his passion for animals, by feeding a hungry crocodile while holding his then one-month-old son, Robert Irwin.

Family and friends of Irwin held a private funeral service in Caloundra on 9 September A bite from this reptile will kill you in about 45 minutes — sometimes less. After chasing deadly animals around the globe, it was a freak accident with the normally calm stingray that ultimately took the life of the Australian animal advocate in The show was so successful that it turned into a series and The Crocodile Hunter was born. The TV series became an internationally broadcast wildlife documentary hit, which Steve hosted with wife Terri. You have to be willing to put in the hard yards for the best results — plus the harsher the conditions, the more memorable the trip! For Robert Irwin, much of the inspiration for his wildlife photography has come from his parents and upbringing, but there have been other influences too.

I have always had a deep appreciation for animals and my dad definitely sparked my love for the natural world. And something that many people may not know is that my dad was also a very keen and talented photographer. Looking through the archives of some of his work behind the camera really inspires me. So, rather than looking at a subject far in the distance, I want the audience to be one-on-one with it and feel a real connection to it. There are so many incredible photographers that I really look up to and am inspired by — Russell Shakespeare, Paul Nicklen, Christina Mittermeier, Georgina Steytler and many more.

There are also a lot of amazing young wildlife photographers that really inspire me; Isaac Spots, Harman Singh Heer and Ashleigh Scully just to name a few. If I could offer one piece of advice to those who want to enter this field, it would be to follow your passion and photograph what makes you happy. That might be wildlife, people, architecture, fashion, sport, landscape or all of the above! Learn and understand the animal you want to photograph before you try to track it down in the wild. Understanding the behaviour of an animal first will get you much closer to the action. You really need to be patient if you want a great shot. Always be ready for the shot. Sometimes the action happens so quickly and you have to throw point number two out the window!

I had one experience where I watched a pride of lions bring down an impala; it unfolded so quickly that I had no time to think about settings but, luckily, I had everything already set and ready to go. Then you can think about settings. Think about what story you want to tell.

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