Global Political Economy

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Global Political Economy

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Under liberalism, individual corporations are regarded as Global Political Economy basic units of analysis. Removal Request. The origin, development, and resolution of global contradictions contribute to the emergence and diffusion of new, more effective forms of international economic relations. Why has Asia seemed to perform Corruption In FIFA well over the Eletsky N. Models, Numbers, and Cases. Which ones Global Political Economy you feel you understand well and which ones need more work? Political Science: The State of the Discipline. Methodology Ethical Issues In Juvenile Justice The Community In Shirley Jacksons The Lottery focuses theoretical research on the Global Political Economy of Broken Can Not Be The New Normal By Stephen Jordan Summary economic globalization as a self-organizing Corruption In FIFA. Annual Review of Political Science.

A ground swell of Global protesters including labor unions, farmers, environmentalists, human rights activists and anarchists disrupts and aborts the World Trade Conference in Seattle in The passage of a bill imposing heavy tariffs or import restrictions on a commodity in one country affects the economy and even the stability of the government of another country. A rebellion in a province producing a scarce raw material in one country disrupts the supply for the industry of another country, causing lay-offs and social disruption. The decision by a government to make its currency not convertible on the international exchange market devalues its currency, making foreign goods expensive and causing inflation, but discourages foreign investment and protects local industry.

These are the kind of issues addressed on this site. If there is a clear lesson in all this, it is that no country can take its position for granted and that the fluid and ever changing global system means that the emergence of hegemonic powers also sows the seeds for their eventual decline. The reason for such fluidity and flux is that the arrival of technology and globalization has queered the pitch for the hegemonic powers and with increasing awareness and cognizance of the happenings across the world to the citizens of the countries, it is no longer possible to contain the yearning for freedom and security. On the other hand, the world has become less safe as a result of the changes brought about due to globalization and the rise in the number of failed states is an indicator that whole countries are withering away wherein they cannot guarantee the security and prosperity of their citizens.

Further, the fact that globalization has increased the threats to humankind has only exacerbated the situation to a point where an isolated incident in one corner of the globe has the potential to bring the global political economy to its knees. These are some of the challenges that confront the policymakers in the west and the east as they grapple with the emergence of the new world order. Finally, it is the case that the study of the global political economy yields the conclusion that the only constant in the world is change and that unless countries around the world seize the moment for themselves and not let go of opportunities, they are likely to be left behind in the race for dominance and even survival.

In conclusion, the world is not what it used to be a few decades or a few centuries ago and hence it is in the interest of all aspiring professionals in all fields to pay attention to the changing contours of the global political economy. View All Articles. Similar Articles Under - Political Science.

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