Free Will: Observation Report

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Free Will: Observation Report

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Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett DEBATE Free Will

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They also paid investigators to anonymously record people's conversation and behaviour at work, on the street and at various public occasions including public meetings and sporting and religious events. The creators of the Mass-Observation project were three former students from Cambridge : anthropologist Tom Harrisson who left Cambridge before graduating , [1] poet Charles Madge and filmmaker Humphrey Jennings. Run on a shoestring budget with money from their own pockets and the occasional philanthropic contribution or book advance, the project relied most on its network of volunteer correspondents.

Harrisson had set up his base in a working-class street in the northern English industrial town of Bolton known in Mass-Observation publications as "Worktown" , in order with his collaborators to "systematically Meanwhile, Madge from his London home had started to form a group of fellow-poets, artists and film-makers under the name "Mass-Observation". The two teams began their collaboration in early Dissatisfied with the pronouncements of the newspapers as to the public mood, the project's founders initiated a nationwide effort to document the feelings of the populace about a historical event by collecting anecdotes , overheard comments, and "man-in-the-street" interviews on and around the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 12 May Their first published report, "May the Twelfth: Mass-Observation Day-Surveys by over two hundred observers " was published in book form.

The result tended to subvert the Government's efforts at image-making. In August Mass-Observation invited members of the public to record and send them a day-to-day account of their lives in the form of a diary. No special instructions were given to these diarists so they vary greatly in their style, content and length. During the Second World War , Mass-Observation research was occasionally influential in shaping British public policy.

In Mass-Observation publicly criticised the Ministry of Information's posters, which led to their being replaced with more appropriate ones. In addition, their study of saving habits was used by John Maynard Keynes successfully to argue for tax policy changes. During the war, there were also a few cases of Mass Observation MO doing research on commission for government authorities trying to shape recruiting and war propaganda : Mary Adams , for example, employed MO on commission for the Ministry of Information. Mass-Observation has been criticised by some as an invasion of privacy. Participants were not only reporting on their own lives; they often commented on their neighbours and friends as well.

Such an atmosphere of surveillance was in keeping with the rising culture of espionage , which dominated the Second World War, although Mass-Observation was an independent, not a government, effort aimed at education rather than manipulation of the public. Mass-Observation had set out to turn the tools of anthropology used to study foreign cultures to study Britain's: to be "The Science of Us.

Because of the self-selecting nature of the observers, they did not represent a scientifically balanced cross-section of British society as a modern public opinion poll would. Although geographically and occupationally diverse, the participants tended to be middle-class, educated, literate, and left of centre. Following the war, and the departure of project founders Harrisson, Madge, and Jennings, research began to focus on the commercial habits of the country [7] rather than the broader cultural research that characterised its first decade. This turn towards market research was formalised in when the project was incorporated as a private firm and, under new management, became registered as a market research limited company, Mass Observation UK Limited. Eventually the firm was merged with the advertising agency J.

A re-evaluation of the Mass-Observation archives led to a relaunch of the project in Parents also have a right to expect that observers will provide helpful reports that will raise the level of their childrens' education. Observers must prepare to write comprehensive reports that will give assistance and guidance. Choose the type of observation report to write. Options include scale assessments, open-ended reports and worksheet reports of observed classrooms. Write a report that evaluates the classroom lessons' organization. Lessons should include compelling introductions, good transitions, understandable material, clear instructions for the students to work on, related individual activities and a clear summary that leads the students to anticipate any follow-up lessons.

Write a review of the classroom lesson's content. Observe and comment about the clarity and variety in the presentation of the lesson's main ideas, the presentation of supporting information, the lesson's relevancy and the demand for students to engage in different types of thinking as part of the lesson. Write observations of whether the teacher presents her classroom lessons' learning objectives clearly to the students, whether the teacher fully explains any assignments relating to the lessons and whether the teacher has created objective evaluation tools to assess the success of the lessons. Note in the observation report the inclusion of alternative methods of instruction in the classroom's lessons.

Many teachers prefer to instruct frontally, but teachers should bring in audio-visual materials, worksheets, Internet sources and outside speakers to strengthen lesson plans and motivate the students. Write observations of how the instructor makes allowances for different learning styles and attention spans among the students in his lesson plans. Recommend ways to increase student engagement via learning styles.

Share tips on how to make a lesson more appealing to a visual learner, an audio learner or a kinesthetic learner. If you noticed a particularly good strategy he used, point it out, and give tips on how to transfer that to other areas of the classroom.

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